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Readers Respond: Should Health Care Be Reformed?

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From the article: Why Reform Health Care
Health care has been reformed, thanks to The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010. If you have benefited from it already, then you are probably in favor. If you think the Federal government shouldn't force people to buy health care insurance, then you might like to see Obamacare repealed.

The Supreme Court ruled that the Affordable Care Act is legal, but here's where you can find out more about the status and timeline. Here's a summary about how Obamacare affects you. You can also find out how much has changed since Obama's first "public option" proposal in 2008. Or, perhaps you'd like to learn more about why health care should be reformed. In any event, everyone feels strongly about this issue. What is your opinion on health care reform? Share Your Opinion

My opinion

I really don't know, I got Obama care but it's not working I started paying in April and I still having no insurance, problems, problems, problems, I just want my money back, and Yes, I am thinking now that we need help in getting good health insurance: affordable, and doctors we can trust in, instead of practicing doctors,
—Guest Maria

Outrageous policy

My health care went way up. In addition, I am being FORCED to cover my 3 month old son with a dental policy. He does not have teeth! Even if I were a dentist I would have to cover him until 19 yrs of age. Another issue for me is that American women no longer have options. For example, your insurance is required to give you maternity coverage. Many women may want to opt out of maternity coverage because they don't want children or can not get pregnant. Either way you are paying for it now. Americans should have the option. Outrageous...
—Guest Frustrated America

In GOD I Trust

I have read so many of these opinions and feel what the majority is saying. If you do not agree with Obama Care, then you should do nothing. Pay your taxes or don't pay them. If you pay them, you are sold in slavery to the monetary system that is controlled by man who you can not trust. Read ZION in the first comment. Why waste your time reading how Obama care is going to solve a problem, when you can prosper more from taking the time to read the Bible and understanding GODS Economy. Don't let the these lies control your lives and pull you farther away from your creator who has given you salvation through his only begotten son. So many have so little faith and are losing what little they have by listening to all these lies. Start putting your trust in the Lord and you will understand what the answer is to all this chaos. Pay attention to the times. May GOD bless you all. Read the Bible and learn to spell and read there, then with what you learn in principles, apply them when you vote.
—Guest Disappointed


Obamacare gets you to deny faith in the blood of Jesus Christ. Obama denies you to have the Blood of Jesus Christ as your physician and healthcare! To be born again "In The Name of Jesus"!If we believed In Jesus Christ.If we believed that a life of righteousness gave us a light body made of The Holy Spirit to have power over anything against it, and if we believed The Holy Spirit of Christ was added to All Light, every Water molecule being and creation , and if We believed Jesus Christ's Pure Blood, Spirit, Water and Father was added to All Light, Water molecules, Power, Being and element of time and beyond that God allows, then we can see how we have already received Jesus, His Father, Eden and Their Glory In US as Us being an immortal Body of Christ as The Son of Man with a Christ Body and a Water Body of Jesus added to our physical Body and should treat All of Life as such with faith God has the Power to have done it. Now only if we can call man's words a lie and Believe God's Word
—Guest Zion

Work, why bother?

I am so frustrated by this bill. My insurance went up 15% this year due to the ACA. I have separate deductibles on in and out of network ($4k and $8k) and many of my doctors have left my insurance. I can't get an appointment for a medication that I need because so many doctors have left the plan, forcing me to go out of network. I estimate the "affordable" care act will cost me at least $34,000 this year alone. After working decades to have a good job I see the fruits of my labor dissolving before my eyes. It now seems it will be easier for me to quit my job than to work anymore. Maybe this bill helps the poor and the rich really don't care because they can seek shelter wherever they want. The middle class, however, is screwed. I guess the "good" news for some is that now the middle class will be the new lower class and the gap only widens. I've got to believe there was/is a better way. How much additional cost was added solely to feed the bureaucrats? Sorry, I ramble . . .
—Guest Screwed


This is not affordable health care. How is that I am a full-time student, who only works 2 days a week is forced to pay half of my paycheck to health care! This does not help me at all. Must be nice Obama to sleep at night with no worries for your health care!!!!
—Guest frustrating

canadian john

i think somewhere between your old system and ours,? we pay large income tax and gas and...... nothing like you guys .Im a conservative minded guy ,privatising parts of health care are coming,with any luck .social health care is exactly that. if I wnt to spend my money on better care ,I CANT. HAVE TO GO TO THE BEAUTIFUL USA.you guys dont have it so bad VOTE!
—Guest canadian john

Obama doesn't have to worry

What's really sad about the Obama care is Obama and family will never have to worry about health care. If its a choice to feed my children or mandated healthcare I'm gonna feed my children. No new shoes or clothes or yearly new glasses. My extra money to take care of my children is gone. I hope you sleep good at night Obama you weakened our country even more then it was and you will never have to worry about any of this.
—Guest Lindy

How was 138% chosen for Mediciaid

Can someone please tell me why 133%(+5%) effectively 138% (e.g. 200%)of income was determined to be the new basis for Medicaid? eligibility?

This is not Health Care Reform

My health insurance is going up by about $6000 per year and the insurance is significantly worse than what I had. Thank you Mr. President! I went on the Market Place and this is the cost to me, myself and I. Why should I have to let my house go and sell my car to pay for Obama Care. I don't have the expendable income to pay the amount the website gave me. Why should my taxes go up so others can have free health care, while I'll now have none because I cant afford the new premium. My husband has employee paid plan, we are thinking of divorce so we can separate our income. How sad is that. If I could become an enrolled member or Illegal alien,I'd get free care? What happened to this country when giving up my citizenship and marriage looks promising.
—Guest Scared this is going to kill us....

Obama care STINKS!!!!!!

FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not COMMUNISTIC LAWS!!!!!!!!
—Guest Concerened AMERICAN!!

obama dont care

I believe in a democracy( such as ours is supposed to be,) our government shouldn't be dictating(and that's exactly what they are doing)we have to do this or that.I don't care who it is or how its stated,its it and that's that.We have had so much taken away it's tough just to support our families.Why not just leave the people alone(or just leave)Put things back like they were and you be unhappy. Lets see how you like it.I bet that wouldn't last very long.I also know this won't get anywhere,but at least I have the guts to voice the truth.
—Guest archie

what a joke

sounds like Obama wrote this "if you like your doctor you can keep it PERIOD. If you like your insurance already, you can keep it, PERIOD. must be this author misunderstood Obama like the rest of Americans! I suggest she actually researches her articles next time.
—Guest Katie

Fun Fact

—Guest Minnie "All the people against the reform today, will in a few years be chanting " hands off my Obamacare!", just like it happened with Medicare!" -That's because obamacare Is like crack. everyone knows its bad for you, but once your on it, You cant live without it.
—Guest Larrry

Horrible non-objective reporting

yes, there are good sides to this Act. But there are many downsides. To gloss over the negatives while playing up the positives is not reporting, its an op-ed piece. You can do better Ms. Amadeo.
—Guest Dave

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Should Health Care Be Reformed?

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