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Diversified Investments: What They Are and Why They Work

A diversified investment is a mixture of stocks, bonds and commodities that provide the highest possible return for the lowest risk over time.

What Is a Pension Fund?

Pension funds manage investments to pay for your retirement. The top 10 funds manage $6.8 trillion. Here's how they work.

Social Security Trust Fund

The Social Security Trust Fund pays for all Social Security benefits out of your payroll taxes. Why it's had a surplus, when it runs out, and what can be done.

What Is the Real Unemployment Rate?

In June 2014, the real unemployment rate was 12.1%. This includes discouraged workers and part-timers who'd rather have a full-time jobs.

Current Employment Statistics

The current employment statistics shows 288,000 jobs were added in June 2014. Track the monthly reports and updates since January 2008.

Current U.S. Unemployment Rate Statistics

The unemployment rate for June 2014 fell to 6.1%. Here's the current and original unemployment rate statistics for every month since April 2007.

The End of the American Dream

How the financial crisis may have ended the modern American Dream, but allowed us to return to the one envisioned by our Founding Fathers.

Stock Market History

The Dow historical closing high is 17,068.26 set July 3, 2014 the first time it went above 17,000. Quickly find the Dow Jones highs and lows during every business cycle since the Depression.

How India and U.S. Relations Affect Their Economies

India's newly elected Prime Minister will create a more business-friendly environment. Here's the industries that will benefit the most.

Cost of Iraq War

The Iraq War cost 4,488 lives, 32,226 wounded, and $3 billion. And the conflict continues. Why?

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