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Readers Respond: How to Survive a Great Depression

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How did people survive the Great Depression of 1929? Here are five tips that show us how to survive the Great Recession today.
  1. They banded together and helped each other out.
  2. They were flexible.They found any kind of work. They looked for multiple streams of income. They rented out rooms.
  3. They cut costs. They made do with what they had. They patched their clothes.
  4. Cash was king. They avoided banks, and loaned to each other.They bartered services.
  5. They diversified their savings. They didn't put all their money into one thing.

How to Survive a Great Depression

What are your ideas on how to survive a Great Depression? Share Your Ideas


The problem in America is NOT Obamacare; it it the takeover by the rich of our Democracy. Corporate personhood is the death knell of Democracy. The rich may no openly buy our politicians. We are finished.
—Guest Will


Your table header is incorrect - the GDP you cite is not nominal GDP, but GDP in today's dollars.
—Guest Ivan

The bubble is going to burst

As I have studied the Bible and read different books and read comments from people in the financial world all are saying we are headed for a wreck. The world trade center in 01,the stock market crash in 08. 7 years apart ,add 7 to that and what do you see? So if you look at what was left in the world trade center, was a beam shaped in the form of a cross. God is saying our answer is in the finished work on that cross. The way to survive is accepting Jesus as your Lord. It's the only way! Please think about it.
—Guest Larry

I was Born in the Dust-Bowl, Depression

I was born in the Kansas Dust Bowl, Great-Depression. My baby sister Patty died of malnutrition- dysentery in 1937. My cousin nearly died of dust-pneumonia but I lived. How? I could say much but space prevents. Read how we survived in My Book: Drifting Sand Of Time.
—Guest BettyJo

obama care

I dont understsnd it. I THINK that all this is crazy i think peoplevshould be able to live their lives and fo what we want i was one of the ones that survived the greay depression
—Guest Ambra

Greatdepression 2

we are headed in a downturn financially In uS and parts of the world. People loss retirement accounts, people stop paying there bills the last 3 to 6 years, they thought the world was going to end and it did not. People got laid off and fired from jobs for not doing work or on facebook or stealing companys business or things. We are in bad ecomic times in the world I think!The ways to survive not start a business there's no money flowing right know no where's thats a bad idea. Contrait of paying all your bills off. so at the end you can start with a fresh outlook at life. Shop dollar tree and walamrt for food and things. Don't buy nouthing expensive but you can go out shopping to see what you can get when you pay off all your bills. Excersise regularly because jobs in furture require to be fit. go to college or school to learn new things. One big thing do not get in trouble with the law. Stay postive. Think everyday is a new day what it is going to bring you. Get a full credit report
—Guest Dennis Bourne


My grandmother had a huge garden that got my dad and uncle thru the depression. She also canned everything for winter and had chickens.
—Guest baron fowler

Canada, Eh.

well you talk about how obamacare will collapse the economy, but Canadians have free health care and our economy is just fine.
—Guest corey

Stop. Just stop and think.

For example: If you look at 1970, divide the GDP by GDP/capita, you should get the population. It's not even close. Check it yourself. The numbers are faked. Why do none of you bother to check the data? Note from Kimberly: Are you using real GDP per capita? Here's the formula http://useconomy.about.com/od/grossdomesticproduct/g/Real-GDP-Per-Capita.htm
—Guest dusc2don

Keep breathing

Modern Americans for the most part are too soft. People want things for free,nothing is free. Get off our duffs and start building up this great nation one brick at a time. No more each man for himself. Work together on simple basic economics. The US should focus more on skilled trades at the high school level. We need to make our own goods not China making everything. Plant your own gardens for your food. Teach your children how to grow their own food. Teach our children to save a little more,and the importance of a hard days work for their pay. Or we could read about our founding fathers on how they built the greatest nation on earth. Then after we read how past great American generations built such a great economy,follow their examples.
—Guest Kevin

The Mechanic

I agree with most of the posters on here, this guy knows jack crap. It's not only going to crash - the question is when? And don't leave your gold in a safe at home or buried on your land, invest it overseas where the US market can't get to it. This is Survival 101 people.
—Guest The Mechanic

Ideas on surving the coming depression.

Learn container garderning, learn to invest, even in 1929 the markets were working. Invest in silver backed ETF. It must be backed by silver or else it won't be worth much, and your bank won't give you money. You'll have access to some money. Learn to barter, trade something that you have for something that you need. Have a pickup truck or a van, you could use this to do work for cash or supplies. Learn to repair things that you like. Like clothes, woodwork, mechanical, and such. You could use this skill for either cash or supplies. See if you could purchase land at least 5 acres, would do, you would be able to farm for your needs, and others just fine. I'm not doom and gloom, and I don't know when the depression will come. But as a country we have never been here before, it's best to give some effort in preparation. Any one of these idea's could help in hard times.

Ignorance, not Obamacare is your enemy

I wonder how many would be against Obamacare, if it were Reagancare or Bushcare. The ignorant always have to use every venue for their bias politics.
—Guest Romny

guest Ashley is right

If we all bypass Obamacare, the country may not collapse
—Guest Mary


Dead wrong about Paulson and Bernanke. They have only made it worse for the future.
—Guest lee

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How to Survive a Great Depression

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