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Readers Respond: What Should Be Done About Them?

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From the article: Why Are Gas Prices So High?
Gasoline prices affect you every time you go to the pump. When gasoline prices are high, do you cut back on your driving, or use alternative transportation? What should the government do to end high gasoline prices? Who is to blame for high gasoline prices? Here's what readers have said.


Continuing from my last comment... Children are very hungry. Thousands of them die every year from starvation. And you wanna raise the gas prices up FAH WHAT? People are homeless, there's kids in foster care, y'all ain't thinkin bout the poor, y'all thinkin bout yourself (I'm not talkin bout the people on this website) take a seat then take a stand and make a change. If you don't get it, think twice...
—Guest Janay


The government already know what's causing the high gas prices. Knowing that they make millions of dollars from lots of people around this globe and yet they still gone rise gas prices... Parents gotta get to work but since gas is do damn high, they refrain from using their car, and they get fired, then the company gets closed down... Money causes greed... Our world is 'downgrading'. Why is it that the only people who don't realize that... Is them?
—Guest Janay


I read on the internet recently that the US is producing enough oil that the producers intend to export it. Really. Why not keep it and produce cheaper gasoline?
—Guest rl


They first said that the reason for high gas was a shortish a pipe line busted and oil ran for day . It nothing but greed they could lower price To one dollar a gallon and still make profile it's just greed and no one willing to fix it. This is just like robbery
—Guest rockthefatcat@gmail.com

Annoying chain emails

Now if only people would stop the annoying boycott-exxon-mobile-tomorrow chain emails. The housing bubble burst and home prices dropped. Do you think the same will happen to gas prices when the oil bubble bursts?
—Guest latoya

What are we supposed to do?

So, What are we suppose to do? Gas has hit high here in Los Angeles. We are at $4.09 in my area per gallon. Any relief coming? Or are they waiting for a revolution? People are gonna start going crazy and I can only imagine how this will affect food and everything else. I really thought America was the place to be…but seeing how things are, this is just a big political game with plenty of gain for the RIGHT people i guess. Well all be starving and homeless soon……
—Guest Cannot Stand It

living on a budget

I am praying the gas prices won't go any higher. I am on a limited budget and don't go anywhere now except to a doctor visit and take my daughters to appointments because we have the only car in the family. The gas is at $4.21 a gallon her in Washington State right now. It is shameful. I don't know how people can go to and from work every day. The one thing we have going for us here is a free bus system. I agree with a lot of people here that we need to use our oil resources. Why are we depending on other countries?
—Guest Susan

Wall Streets' True Role

Wall Street is merely a mechanism created to transfer wealth from the public to a group of people who have nothing to do with the physical production, transportation and distribution of a commodity. Supply and demand are not much of a factor because Wall Street creates a false price. In the short and long run this hurts the consumer. It has been stated by top Wall Street officials that commodities trading adds as much as 60% to the price of oil. Take note of these links: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?aid=8878&context=va http://money.howstuffworks.com/oil-speculation-raise-gas-price.htm http://www.forbes.com/sites/robertlenzner/2012/02/27/speculation-in-crude-oil-adds-23-39-to-the-price-per-barrel/
—Guest Gerard

What gives?

If gas prices are driven prinicipally by oil prices, and the other components that affect the price have remained roughly the same for awhile now, maybe someone can answer me this question. In july 2008 oil hit $145 a barrel and gas hit $4.07 a gallon. Now oil is $95, or 65% of its peak, why on earth is gas around $3.70, or 91% of its peak? It should be around $2.66 a gallon. What gives?
—Guest James Atwell


My first move would be to remove the speculator from the equation.Its sad that these vultures can manipulate the supposedly" free markets" so that they get richer at the little guys expense.
—Guest Jon


The only thing this market does is, take more money from the consumer and splits it with the producer. The big loser is the consumer, the BIG WINNER IS THE MARKET!

Cost of living

I live in South Louisiana and I see what goes on. We live on the outskirts of our city limits with the closest gas station 3 miles away. They are higher than the ones in town. We are on a fixed income and have to pinch every penny. We have had to resort to taking one trip to town a week and get the cheapest gas ($3.69 currently). We need to eat and pay the bills too! We are not like our government officials (overpaid welfare receipients) and have expense accounts that pays for our gas, or anything for that matter. Someone is watching too many Star Trek movies, we don't drive flying saucers.

who is responsible for these gas prices

A couple of months ago the price of gas per barrel was about the same and the price at the pump was a lot less, who is responsible for manipulating these prices, who ever is should be sent to jail, because this is hurting the overall's economy.
—Guest Jean

gas prices

i'm confused if oil prices are about $ 102 a barrel and gas is at $ 3.90 a gallon, and the high price is being blamed on oil prices, then why in feb of 2008 when oil prices are the exact same as they are now, why was gas $ 3.05 gallon then !!!! why the big difference if it's being blamed on oil prices.......
—Guest charlie

why are commodity traders given a pass

I don't understand why the same 'investors' who created the real estate debacle by buying up real estate and driving up prices can now do the same thing by driving up the price of oil...in both cases, regular people suffer
—Guest phillip

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