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Readers Respond: What Should Be Done About Them?

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From the article: Why Are Gas Prices So High?
Gasoline prices affect you every time you go to the pump. When gasoline prices are high, do you cut back on your driving, or use alternative transportation? What should the government do to end high gasoline prices? Who is to blame for high gasoline prices? Your Opinion


I read on the internet recently that the US is producing enough oil that the producers intend to export it. Really. Why not keep it and produce cheaper gasoline?
—Guest rl


They first said that the reason for high gas was a shortish a pipe line busted and oil ran for day . It nothing but greed they could lower price To one dollar a gallon and still make profile it's just greed and no one willing to fix it. This is just like robbery
—Guest rockthefatcat@gmail.com

Annoying chain emails

Now if only people would stop the annoying boycott-exxon-mobile-tomorrow chain emails. The housing bubble burst and home prices dropped. Do you think the same will happen to gas prices when the oil bubble bursts?
—Guest latoya

What are we supposed to do?

So, What are we suppose to do? Gas has hit high here in Los Angeles. We are at $4.09 in my area per gallon. Any relief coming? Or are they waiting for a revolution? People are gonna start going crazy and I can only imagine how this will affect food and everything else. I really thought America was the place to be…but seeing how things are, this is just a big political game with plenty of gain for the RIGHT people i guess. Well all be starving and homeless soon……
—Guest Cannot Stand It

Tail wagging the dog,, Finally!

In a way, we are responsible for the gas prices! Why? Because we TOLERATE IT! If everyone voiced their anger at their political representatives "STRONG ENOUGH", and boycotted all gas companies even just for 2, 3 days,, the effect across the USA would be felt immediately, and prices would drop! Steeply! And also do the same at Walmart, Target, wherever we spend cash! Boycott them all! Screw the congress! It's WE THE PEOPLE, REMEMBER?? NOT WE THE GOVT.! Don't be afraid to boycott! And start posting videos for boycotting on youtube! I guarrenty you'll see them take notice, and be afraid of us, instead of just raising prices without any consideration for us! Remember folks,, we can really hurt these greedy bast#$%s right were they hurt us! This is NO b.s. either! We need to boycott, everyone together! It would scare the panties off of these fat cats traders! Go to youtube, make a boycott video today!!! Seriously! Do it and you'll get a response from thousands of supporters!!!
—Guest Sonny Cannon

Crazy gas prices

Look its not supply and demand anymore like Crazy Rick said,We know now that it is all caused by wall street,nothing more than pure greed got to make higher and higher profits for the rich,this is just what happened in the 1920s and 2007 with Bush,we have got to regulate wall street thats how President Roosevelt did it to clean up the mess they left him,it took him 15 years to do,,,,,,,Dan
—Guest Dan

Six weeks later. Are you kidding me

You've got things a little backwards. I live in Chicago and if the price of a barrel goes up. Gas goes up the next day and if it goes down 10 dollars a barrel it takes six weeks to go back down. Welcome to crook county
—Guest Bob Eckstrom

WHO are these traders?

WHO are these traders? Could we see the names and faces of the men who are manipulating oil prices and affecting our lives on a daily basis? And why hasn't there been some sort of official investigation in to the integrity of these transactions? Is this going to be another Wall St/Madoff/Enron/Banking Bailout where the consumer isn't made aware of the ilegal activity until years after the damage has already been done? It doesn't make any sense! Who is on the side of the consumer?
—Guest Frank

gas prices

Other than greed, why are the prices so high? The trend is to raise it high for a few days then lower it a Little to make you feel your getting a deal. It always goes up fast and comes down slow. I wish we all could stick together like the old days. Just imagine if Republicans got in office. Truly maddening!
—Guest Paul

Not true. No talent.

No Jesus316. The gas price up went like jumper so fast which isn't normal like in past 1950 to 1999 were smooth the gas price up. The price food and anything else are normal price up slowly. Not like the gas price up slowly. A 10 year got gained $3.00 to 4.00 fast than $0.25 to 0.75 gained in 1950 to 1999 which was a good economy. People who have a good job isn't pay rate up fast yet and is no change yet since 1999. McDonald have only pay rate $7.00 to $7.50 in between 1990 to now. Nothing is change. Economy will never better if the gas price will keep up. Our kids are very hungry. Lots of trucks are lost and sell a lot by brokers cuz the gas price keep up. You are seem rich. You need to think people who are poor not like you and in the past.


Its all a ruse. I care about. Ppl w money are trying to take it all. Time for major, change...
—Guest mark




do they use their power fairly around the world? like do they give other countries more oil then others
—Guest lexie


We are all consumers of commodities, therefore we are all responsible for the rise and fall of our fuel prices. Since most everything we consume is delivered by some means of transportation. The more we consume, the more we affects fuel prices. We shouldn't expect governments to cause a change In fuel prices, its up to us to consume less. How many millions of us consume fast foods ,bottled water, at McD's, Starbucks, etc.,drive to the convenience store for a pack of cigarettes and a bag of chips. Maybe we need a movement ,through government advertising, to make people aware of our wasteful attitudes, instead of just advising us to use less gas. As just a microscopic example, how much fuel would be saved if 75 million gal. of bottled water didn't have to get redelivered every week. In an environment where the use of commodities affect the prices of oil/gas we have it in our power to affect prices and we would'nt have to do without all that much. So stop passing the blame. Its us.
—Guest Canadarick


There's a simpler solution. We need to quit driving so much!
—Guest Gina

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