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Federal Taxes and Tax Policies

US Federal income tax policies, including EGTRRA, JGTRRA, the federal tax rebate, income taxes and tax policy issues.

Extended Federal Unemployment Benefits Boost Economy
Find out why extended Federal unemployment benefits are the best way to boost the economy in a recession - and are worth the cost to the budget.

Why Is April 15 Tax Day?
Why is April 15 tax day in 2010 and most other years. Why tax day was April 18 in 2011. History and origins of why April 15 is tax day.

What Is Tax Freedom Day?
Tax freedom day explanation and a description of how many days you work to pay off different elements of the national budget.

Alternative Minimum Tax
A description of the Alternative Minimum Tax and how it affects the U.S. economy.

President George Bush Tax Cuts
President George Bush's tax cuts occurred in 2001 and 2003, and were due to expire in 2011. However, they seem to have taken on a life of their own. Find out why they are the gift that keeps on giving.

Economic Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act (2001)
A description of the Economic Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act and How EGTRRA affects the economy.

Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act (2003)
A description of the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Ac and how JGTRRA affects the economy.

Fair Tax
Definition of the the Fair Tax plan. Discussion of the Fair Tax proposal pros and cons. Analysis of how the Fair Tax act would affect the U.S. economy.

How the 2008 Income Tax Rebate Plan Affects the Economy
President Bush's tax rebate plan was intended to provide an economic stimulus to head off a recession. Learn the the pros and cons of tax rebates as an economic stimulus. Find out how the income tax rebate affects the U.S. economy.

Should the Wealthy Get Tax Cuts?
Should families making over $250,000 a year get tax cuts?

What Is the Best Tax Plan
Which is the best tax plan in your opinion?

Flat Tax
The flat tax has been proposed as an alternative to the Fair Tax and the current complicated income tax system. What are the benefits and disadvantages.

Tax Cuts
To really understand tax cuts, you need to understand the different types of tax cuts, and how the tax cuts affect consumers, businesses and the economy.

Do Tax Cuts Create Jobs
Do tax cuts create jobs? Find out how tax cuts can create jobs, and whether tax cuts are the best way to create jobs.

Obama Tax Cuts

In 2010, President Obama signed a tax cut deal that extended the Bush tax cuts, unemployment benefits and many other tax cuts for businesses and families.

Simpson-Bowles Report
The Simpson-Bowles Report recommended lowering the tax rate in return for eliminating many itemized deductions.

What Is the Capital Gains Tax?
Capital gains are taxed lower than income to encourage investment. Here's why it may also increase income inequality.

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