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On Mother's Day 2011 Shoppers Pamper Mom


On Mother's Day 2011 Shoppers Pamper Mom

Mother's Day Celebrants (Photo Credit: Rachel Crabb/Getty Images)

Mother's Day 2011 Was an Economic Success:

On Mother's Day 2011, shoppers surveyed by the National Retail Federation said they would spend around $16.3 billion. This was $1.7 billion more than in 2010.

Why didn't the recession slow shoppers down? Instead of spending less, they looked to get more for their dollar by heading to discount stores (29.6%). Others said they would splurge at department stores (32%), specialty stores (31%) and online (21.5%). Most reported shopping for their mom (59.9%), while others looked for gifts for their wife (19.6%), daughter (9.6%), grandmother (8.0%), sister (8.4%), friend (7.3%) or godmother (1.8%).

What Do Shoppers Buy on Mother's Day?:

In 2011, the more indulgent gifts prove the most popular. Nearly one-third of shoppers said they would buy jewelry, up 19% from the year before, spending $3 billion. More than half wanted to take mom to a restaurant, spending another $3 billion. One-third looked for clothing ($1.3 billion) for mom, while nearly two-thirds planned to buy flowers ($1.9 billion). Mother's Day shoppers planned to spend $1.6 billion on gift cards and $1.2 billion on personal services, such as a spa treatment.

Interest in Electronics for Mom Increased:

Over 10% of those surveyed planned to buy mom electronics, up 48% from 2010. On average, they planned on spending $94.91 on smartphones, cameras and tablets, compared to $87.70 the year before.

How Much Do People Spend on Mother's Day?:

People surveyed said they spend about the same as the year before. Adults 25-34 years old spend the most($191.35), followed by 18-24 year olds ($183.38) and 35-44 year olds ($155.97) Men spend more than women: $169 per man v.s. $114 per woman. On average, those who bought gifts spend $141 each, up from $127 in 2010. This was a return to 2008 spending levels.

“Whether it’s a special meal at her favorite restaurant or a new smartphone, families want to indulge mom this year,” said Phil Rist, Executive Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, BIGresearch (who conducted the Mother's Day survey). “As we’ve seen throughout the year, Americans will find ways to save money while at the same time splurging on the perfect gift for all the moms in their lives.” (Updated May 2, 2011)

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