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What Is the History of Black Friday?


What Is the History of Black Friday?

Question: What Is the History of Black Friday?

Answer: The history of Black Friday began in 1966. This is when a story appeared in an ad in The American Philatelist. The Philadelphia Police Department used the name to describe the traffic jams and crowding in the downtown stores.

Black Friday has been the unofficial beginning of the Christmas season since the 1930s. In fact, President Roosevelt moved Thanksgiving up a week during the Great Depression because retailers wanted an extra week of shopping revenue. This pleased retailers, but irritated shoppers, who had to change plans.

In 2013, Black Friday store sales were $12.3 billion, up 2.3% from 2012. (Since this was the first year that some stores opened on Thanksgiving itself, the two days were combined.) (Source: WSJ, Black Friday Retail Sales, November 30, 2013)

In 2013, combined online and store sales for the entire Black Friday weekend are estimated at $57.4 million. This is lower than the $60 million spent in 2012. Many shoppers took advantage of online sales that began in early November, while others waited for bigger discounts later in the shopping season. (Source: National Retail Federation, Thanksgiving Sales

In 2008, Black Friday sales fell 3.4% from the year before, the first time since the National Retail Federation began tracking in 1992. Sales rose to $45 billion during the Black Friday 2010 weekend. Article updated December 7,2013

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