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An explanation of the components of demand in the U.S. economy. Find out how too much demand causes inflation, and too little demand creates recession. Learn the difference between elastic and inelastic demand.
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What Is Demand?
Definition of demand. Why America is the world's best customer, and how that might change.

What Is the Law of Demand?
The law of demand generally drive economic growth, or can lead to recession. Find out how the law of demand has worked in the U.S. economy.

Demand Curve
The demand curve graphically represents the demand schedule, which tells you the quantity demanded at different prices.

Determinants of Demand
The five determinants of demand are

Aggregate Demand
Aggregate demand measures how much more a group of people will buy when the price drops. It's also known as market demand. Aggregate demand in a country measures how much is spent by its consumers, government, businesses and net exports.

Elastic Demand
What elastic demand is, and how elasticity of demand affects you.

Inelastic Demand
Inelastic demand is when people's buying habits don't change, even when the price does.

Ceteris Paribus
Ceteris Paribus is a Latin phrase used by economists that means "all other things being equal."

What the Consumer is Specifically Demanding
What is in demand in the U.S. economy.

Domestic Demand for Consumer Products Has Created a Trade Deficit
The U.S. demand for consumer goods and cheap oil has created a trade deficit. Find out how large the deficit is, what the components are, and who the major trading partners are. Learn what negative impact an ongoing trade deficit could have on the U.S. economy and your way of life.

What Is Retailing?
Retailing's impact on the economy.

Causes of Inflation
The textbook cause of inflation is when too many dollars are chasing too few goods. However, this is just one of six causes. Without knowing the specific cause, policymakers can provide the wrong cure, and make inflation even worse!

What Is Retail Sales?
Retailing's impact on the economy.

Consumer Debt Statistics
Find out the statistics on total consumer debt. The trends show that families cut back on credit card debt during the recession, and are now taking on student loans to invest in their own education.

What Is Retail Sales?
Retailing's impact on the economy.

How Does Inflation Impact My Life?
Too much demand creates inflation, which ultimately reduces your standard of living.

Asset Bubble
An asset bubble is when there is too much demand for any asset class, such as oil, gold or even housing. Find out how to detect an asset bubble and how to protect yourself.

High Demand Can Create Inflation
If demand is too strong, it can lead to higher prices and inflation. Find out the answers to some frequently asked questions about inflation, how it affects you, and what the government is doing to prevent it.

What Is Green Monday?
Green Monday is the second Monday in December.Here's how to get the online shopping deals offered on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Consumer Spending Trends
It's no surprise why demand is remaining flat in the forseeable future.

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