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Current Issues in the US Economy

An explanation of the current issues affecting the U.S. economy.
  1. Financial Crisis Reasons (30)
  2. Subprime Mortgage Crisis Explained (11)

Job Creation
What are the best ways to create jobs?

Income Inequality in America
Income inequality reduces the disposable income for the middle and lower class. This lowers demand, and economic growth, because the rich are more likely to invest a larger share of their incomes. Find out the causes, and what can be done to reverse this trend.

How Is the Economy Really Doing?
Top 6 Ways to Find Out How the Economy Is Really Doing

Is the U.S. Headed Towards the Second Great Depression?
Is the U.S. headed towards the Second Great Depression? The financial crisis left the economy in a weakened state. Recent news developments lead many to believe another depression is inevitable if it hasn't started already. Here's the arguments pro and con,and what the probable outcome will be.

Current Federal Reserve Interest Rates
A primer which explains why the Fed lowered the Federal Reserve interest rate to near zero, why this won't create inflation, and unfortunately probably won't help housing.

Dollar Decline or Dollar Crash?
While most economists think the dollar will do no more than continue its gradual decline, there are some who argue it is headed for a catastrophic crash. Learn about both sides of the argument, what a crash would do to your financial security, and how to protect yourself.

Is the Collapse of the U.S. Dollar Imminent?
Is the U.S. Dollar in danger of an imminent collapse?

How the 9/11 Attacks Still Affect the U.S. Economy
The impacts of the 9/11 terrorist attacks have had a long-lasting economic impact. One reaction to the attacks was the War on Terror, which included a war in Afghanistan, the Iraq war and the creation of Homeland Security. The increase in defense spending doubled the U.S. debt right before the 2008 financial crisis, which further added to the...

Can the U.S. Afford Our National Security Cost?
A large contributor to deficit spending is the defense budget. Can the U.S. afford it? Share your opinion.

U.S. Economy Collapse
A U.S. economic collapse could occur, although it is unlikely. Find out the conditions that could cause it, and what to do to protect yourself in the unlikely event it were to happen.

U.S. Economic Outlook
The future for the U.S. economy looks fairly bright, but any number of critical issues could derail this forecast. Find out what they are, how to monitor them, and what to do if things change for the worse.

Top 5 Trends in US Economy
What are the 5 top economic trends in 2010?

Cultural Diversity
Cultural diversity is increasing in the workplace. It can be a great benefit if managed well. It can also be a huge obstacle if the group allows its members' differences to outweigh their common goal.

10 Ways the Economy Will Be Different in the Next Decade
The Great Recession is a signal, like the crash of the Berlin Wall, that the very soul of the economy has shifted. What has changed, and what trends you can expect for the next ten years.

What Are the Top Ten Events of the Decade?
The events surrounding The Great Recession of the past two years have eclipsed most of the other economic events in this decade. Take a walk back in time - who would have thought in 1999 that so much could have changed in just ten years?

Top Economic Events of the Past Decade
What do you think were the top economic events of the past decade? What affected you the most?

Top Ten Economic Issues in 2008 - Year in Review
What were the Top 10 critical issues in the U.S. Economy in 2008? It was such a dramatic year, it is hard to pick just ten events. Here are the ones that were most dramatic and pivotal.

How Did People Survive the Great Depression?
Personal experiences of people who survived the Great Depression of 1929.

How Is the Banking Crisis Different from the S&L Crisis?
How does the financial crisis of 2008 compare to the savings and loans crisis of the 1980s?

Savings and Loans Crisis
The Savings and Loans Crisis in the late 1980's resulted in the bankruptcy of half of the Savings and Loan banks in the U.S.

The U.S. Current Account Deficit -- Threat or Way of Life?
Many experts say that the deficit is unsustainable and is therefore the greatest single threat to the global economy. Others argue that the U.S. economy is large and stable enough to carry this deficit safely.

What Is the Current Account?
Find out why the current account is such an important component of the long-term health of the U.S. economy.

What Is the Eurozone Debt Crisis?
The eurozone crisis is quickly becoming a crisis for the U.S. economy. Find out what caused the crisis in Europe, and the various proposals to solve it.

Foreclosure Solution
Readers' ideas on how the government reduce the backlog of homes in the foreclosure pipeline. Add your own!

U.S. Economic Crisis
Explanation of the U.S. economic crisis, and a discussion of whether it will happen again.

Fiscal Cliff
The fiscal cliff is an example of what happens when policymakers fail to negotiate a reasonable solution to the budget deficit. Without intervention, taxes go up and spending goes down, putting the economy into a recession that no one wants.

U.S. Fiscal Cliff 2012
The fiscal cliff crisis dominated economic news in 2012, slowing growth for the year. The biggest irony of all? It wasn't even necessary.

What Is the American Dream?
How the American Dream has changed through the years.

What Is the American Dream Today?
How the American Dream has been the bedrock for U.S. prosperity and growth.

Strategic Petroleum Reserve
The U.S. maintains the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to supply the country with oil in a crisis. So far, it's only been needed to respond to distribution shortages as a result of natural disasters. However, it's original purpose was to keep the country running as a defense measure.

Government Shutdown
Is the U.S. government shutdown our only solution to budget disagreements? What does it mean when the government shuts down? Why has it happened in the past? What's the impact on the economy?

Why Repeal Obamacare?
There are many reasons to repeal Obamacare. Efforts to do so have been an issue since the law was enacted. The most recent was shutting down the government on October 1, 2013. Find out why.

What Do You Think...?

 Share your opinion on today's current issues. What causes unemployment? How did we get into so much debt? What if the dollar collapses? Find out what others have said on the best way to survive another depression, should healthcare be reformed, and whether NAFTA was good or bad for the economy. Last but not least, share your views on whether greed is good, how much national security do we need, and what is essentially the American Dream.

Consumer Spending Trends
Current consumer spending trends and habits show that demand will remain relatively flat.

Welfare Programs
Separate the myths from the facts about welfare programs in the U.S.

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