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Kimberly Amadeo

Kimberly Amadeo

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Kimberly Amadeo

Beyond the Great Recession: What Happened and How to Prosper

Kimberly Amadeo clarifies economic and business news. She outlines how these trends affect you and, most important, the steps you need to take so you can profit now.  She is the author of Beyond the Great Recession: What Happened and How to Prosper. In it, she guides you through what caused the recession, and how to benefit from these economic shifts.


Kimberly is President of WorldMoneyWatch.com. She has 20 years senior-level experience in economic analysis and business strategy working for major international corporations.


M.S., Sloan School of Business, M.I.T. and M.S. Planning, Boston College.

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"Just read your article, "Did Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac cause the mortgage crisis?" Just fantastic!! Finally a succinct, understandable, and unbiased assessment. Thank YOU!!!" Don White, Coldwell Banker Residential

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate and trust your About.com U.S. Economy Guide. You make the complex, understandable, the understandable, useful." Victor Barbieri

"Given the absolute mountain of words that have been written about the Obama tax cuts and the need to create jobs, this is the first post I've seen that addresses whether the cuts will work. Fantastic." Peter Lavelle

"Kimberly, You did a fine job on the US economy in 2008 piece.  It was most helpful to me. Thanks.With warm regards." Roger Weissinger-Baylon, Ph.D.Workshop Chairman and Co-Founder; Director, Center for Strategic Decision Research

"Finding your blog is a gift from God, for I have been searching for clear, concise, 'no-spin' online economic writing for a long time. Your thoughts are breathtaking." Tony Richardson, President, RichardsonHeritage Group, Inc.

" I really admire your site and your knowledge and insights. There is so much uninformed 'noise' about the US and world economies and I so enjoy your common sense approach. Thanks for your wisdom and sanity! I enjoy reading your articles and posts." Liam Naden, New Zealand Travel

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By Kimberly Amadeo:

I am delighted to guide you through the U.S. economy so that you can better understand the critical changes that are occurring now. I describe how these changes affect you and suggest how you can use this knowledge to enhance your well-being. Economics is the only game where you are on the field whether you like it or not. The only difference between the winners and losers is whether you know the rules of the game.

Thomas Jefferson said, "I think by far the most important bill in our whole code is that for the diffusion of knowledge among the people. No other sure foundation can be devised, for the preservation of freedom and happiness." August 13, 1786 in a letter to George Wythe. That is my purpose in writing this site. The global economy is complicated, so I try to make it simple and easy to understand. This knowledge is critical for you personally, but also for our society as a whole. (See Monticello.org for this and other great quotes on the importance of knowledge in a democracy Jefferson Quotations)


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