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Readers Respond: Should the Rich (families making over $250,000 a year) Get Tax Cuts?

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Rich and Taxes

I believe that the Republicans & Democrats have successfully eliminated the middle class who were the back of our economy, therefore, with effectively no more middle class the Rich now have to pay for the Super Rich so tax cuts for the mere Rich will be eliminate over the next few years After this I believe there will be an uprising and like every other country on this planet (because Americans do not learn from history) which will lead to an all out war between the super rich and the rest of the classes - wanna guess who wins? Hint: read your history books
—Guest Offthewallmom

What difference how much someone earns

What does one citizen get from living in the USA that another doesn't? We are all protected by the same military to the same extent. We all have similar basic protections and opportunities to the extent possible. Pay your own way.
—Guest Joe


It's best not to polarise measures into either captalist or socialist and then take the merit of policies based on that. Even a lot ardent free-market capitalists believe that there should be some form of wealth redistribution. Secondly, the view that people earn exactly what they have worked for is short sighted. It doesn't take a genius to work out there are fewer millionaires coming from impoverished ghettos compared to spending their childhoods in country clubs. It is all very well saying that they could have done this or that in order to get a few more bucks or to get a mildly better education, but some people just don't understand what it is like for many poorer people who have never been encouraged to get an education or received advice at every step of their life as many more wealthy people do. Unfortunately, with a more flat tax rate, there will always be a cycle of poverty, which inevitably leads to a horrendous under-representation of what is best for the poor.
—Guest Tom L

Too much

From the many responses I readily surmised that many do not really appreciate the meaning of incentive. Have had a small business for 37 years. I began it without a loan, enough money to get a state business license, a container of chemical, a borrowed sprayer, enough money to make down payment on the required liability insurance. Oh yes, I had no telephone and a single wide mobile home with a wife and 3 children. It was tough but I had a desire to succeed. Not much money for personal profit for the vast majority of those years. In fact, there were weeks that employees received their paycheck but there was not enough for mine. No huge amount of money for me in stocks, IRA or in the bank. Can't get Soc Sec and let two of my children continue to operate the business and have the 10 employees continue to have a job. Gov determined that as pres I can name my salary. To get soc sec I can sell my business. If so will have to pay a huge percentage to the gov!! Fair? 65 All I wa
—Guest Rtor

How much is enough?

Even if you argue that the wealthy should be taxed more than the middle class... what % is enough? My effective tax rate with federal, state, sales tax is 30%. I sell real estate and if I made 30% commissions, I'd only have to do 1 sale every 5 years. It blows my mind that the gov't can actually spend all the money it takes in.
—Guest Jim

Tax Cuts

Does anyone really think that those folks who earn more than $250,000 a year were just given that money. Hard work, years of school and sacrifice are the ingredients to many of these people's resume. How about those millions of people that don't pay any taxes at all? Our government is too corrupt to provide a flat tax for everyone. Our Hollywood President won't work with Congress. Were sinking people, and going down fast!


Don't we all as a people pay enough in tax? 50% of people pay no tax... I'm ok with that as long as the 50% who pay are not asked to pay more... Govt growth must be stopped.
—Guest Arnold

get off your lazy butts

Flat tax would maybe shut people up. I worked hard all mylife for what I have...now I see so many young healthy people playing the system for soc sec disability. So they sure as hell aren't paying taxes and they make it bad for those that really need it. I have a brother who worked his ass off to build a small business. A lot of you would whine your asses off if you had to work the hours he does...so do I think he should be penalized for earning 250,000 a year...hell no. He employs people pays a lot more in taxes then most of us do. He built his own business with his own sweat...not Hollywood Obama...biggest Hippocrate..time for him to do his job and quit campaigning...somebody should tell him the election is over. Cut out the bullshit programs and stupid spending and start working with congress like Clinton did instead of all his stupid division he does. Maybe then we wouldn't have to tax anyone to death.
—Guest tired of freeloaders

Tax cuts

Families making over #250,000 should not recieved tax cuts.
—Guest Ms. Doss

$250,000 and above tax cuts

No anyone making $250,000 a year or above in income should not get any tax breaks at all. America does not enough income to fund all of its various programs as it is, why, in our right minds would we cut funds that could otherwise be used to support these badly needed programs. I'm tired of hearing the more significantly wealthy peeople in this country.complaining about having to pay more taxes in this country.
—Guest John Moseley

Tax Cuts

Well i really dont know it seems the more money you make the more trouble there is, but at the same time there are hard working people who make no where near that and they are paying the price and can't afford it. I think ity should go by economic status. I think when people are trying and you keep bringing them down. It is so sad the rich never pay, but the poor pay for the rich to get what they want. go figure.
—Guest I dont Know

No Way

People making $250,000 a year are able to purchase what they want and save and make investments which means the rich just keep getting richer. However people that make far below that amount don't really have the means to invest and save; they basically purchase goods and save when they can. It seems only fair that families making over $250,000 be taxed in order to balance the budget and deficit so that people making less will receive tax cuts that will allow them to save and invest; thereby creating a balanced economy. Balance is the key overall and everyone should be willing to do what's necessary in order to create the balance. Yes, the distribution of tax cuts should go to the less fortunate for a change; in order for all things to become equal!
—Guest Freedup

Luxury problems

I'm thirty and work part time and live as minimal as possible off my meager 16,000 a year as a waiter and go to school full time. I also have guardianship of my 46 year old mother who is schizophrenic. She made 9,000 late year in disability. She does not live with me. But when I was a kid we lived off that needless to say sometimes we went without food. I am racking my brain study biochemistry and going in to debt but when I get into med school it'll all be worth it. To all you people who are making over 6 figures and whining about taxes guess what --you sound totally self-absorbed and out of touch with the real world!!! I would feel so rich if I made 30k a year. Look at where your morals and values are. I can't believe the guy above that tried using Jesus to justify being a materialistic, selfish excuse for a human being, by saying that there will always be poor, do you know how stupid you sound? I hope you all sleep well knowing some innocent five year old that doesn't have a choice is going to bed hungry tonight.
—Guest Adam

Who gets to define "fair?"

47% of Americans don't pay a dime. 10% of Americans pay nearly 60% of federal taxes (and by the way most of that 10% live in large metropolitan areas where they also get hit with big state and city taxes). But our election process lets everyone vote - not just those who don't pay taxes, but those who don't work at all (I didn't say can't)! And it appears (since we can't seem to find a single journalist who knows how to report the facts) that more people in the 47% voted than did the remainder. And now our President says, "America has spoken and they want what's fair." Really? Is it fair that I've worked my tail off for 37 years to make $250K a year after growing up in a family where we got one pair of jeans for Christmas just to be told that I'm going to have give away nearly 50 cents of every dollar I make and it's going to be "redistributed" to people who won't work at all? Be careful folks. It's only a matter time before all these taxes make it down to your income level, too
—Guest Mike

Is progressive tax fair?

If people show initiative and work hard, why penalize them? Jesus said there will always be poor people. I believe he is smarter than Obama, Congress, anyone. America allows people to make choices and rise or fall depending on THEIR choices. A flat tax of 15-20% would be better. Why penalize anyone? Obama is a socialist. He is not interested in democracy. History shows that taking from the rich and giving to the poor is a recipe for failure. Most of the rich give to the poor anyway in their own way. If more Americans were Christians and acted like it, churches and individuals could take care of the poor. Jesus tells us to care for the widows and orphans. If someone is too lazy to work, let them suffer the consequences. The children of lazy parents, by the way, are as orphans---neglected. Taxes are to be used to support necessary programs; taxes should not be used as social equalizers.
—Guest Nita McCullough

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Should the Rich (families making over $250,000 a year) Get Tax Cuts?

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