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Readers Respond: Should the Rich (families making over $250,000 a year) Get Tax Cuts?

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rich get richer

They don't pay their fair share at the present. The more the make the more greedy they become and so on. Families under $100,000 need consideration not those in income brackets
—Guest tom mormon


The rich already contribute the lion's share of the tax revenue, allow them to grow as well.
—Guest Robert Ferrari


We are in trouble people. Raising taxes will only deepen the hole that we now, find ourselves in. Use common sense, extend the cuts.
—Guest Brian

No Tax Cuts fot the Wealthy

Do not fear being more like a socialist state, but show some fear becoming a welfare state! Without policy initiatives initiated with a goal of job creation there will be little hope of stemming the tide of paying people to be out of work for 99 weeks and having them fall off the cliff into the abyss of permanent job loss. Papering over problems without concrete structural remedies will assure that America becomes a de facto welfare state. It is time for more creative thinking.

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