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Readers Respond: What Is the Best Tax Plan?

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Most people agree the current income tax plan is so complicated that it's no longer fair. What do you think is the best plan: the Flat Tax, the Fair Tax or just make the existing tax code simpler? Or, do you know of an even better tax plan? Share your thoughts here.

Stop spending

maybe some one posted this , No Tax, on labor like in the begining and stop spending get the rev needed , from land and admission fee to parks. abolish the fed go back to gold standard or silver or some other standard. the fuel tax should cover roads. enlist alll doctors in service of the State like ATC controlers . did I mention stop spending! we need to go back to the old modle that left room for growth . you vote everyday with your dollar and there are many many programs that should just go away now! looking at the youth , I can understand a bit why they are the way they are inferior schooling and little if any hope of making it in this system. It will change .... I do not think for the better?
—Guest Lee

No Income Tax

One flat tax that might include a payroll deduction only on those earning more than $80,000 a year. Without income taxation and loopholes... a business tax of 9% and a flat sales tax of 9% could possibly be changed overtime to one flat sales tax. to affect change requires understanding first of the FairTax... then realizing that inorder to pass it... we need to take a fiscal conservative activist approach. Change does not come easy... jobs and a seeking economy might wake us up enough to make tax reform a major issue for our elected representatives...

We need to wise up

I think we all have to start wising up and realize that "WE THE PEOPLE" hold all the power. Taxes are nothing more than a transfer of power. If we were to repeal the 16th amendment and make them tax the states instead of our incomes directly we would reduce the fed gov'ts power dramtically. We would also have 50 states that could fight back against unjust taxes. After all most the services we all enjoy are provided by the states; Police, Fire, schools, water, sewer, ect. At our founding the states were an important part of the checks and balances of our gov't. The House represented the people and the Senate the state governments. So, the best tax plan is the original tax plan.
—Guest TexasMortgagePro

Tax reform that has best record.

Look at how successful countries and economys support their governments. What works, what dosen't. Get a think tank of indivuals, business owners, bankers, realters, students and military families (damn sure not elected politicians or their pay pals) and work up a number of plans. Put the choices on the next national election and vote on it. Then go with what the American people are ready to accept. Get the political issues and politics out of it.
—Guest Walt Barden

A tax idea

A two-tiered flat tax: 1) 4% tax on all income, everybody pays -then- 2) 16% tax on all income over the low income threshold, i.e. over $42K for a family of 4. Dividends and cap. gains are treated as ordinary income. Phase out all deductions and credits. Businesses are taxed at 20%.
—Guest Ray

Best tax plan

Anyway the best tax plan is that,which creates less economic pressure on citizens. Technical aspects of low tax rate is, it yield higher tax income for the Govt. Low tax rate increases the purchasing power of mass people increasing the Aggregate demand and generate employment. Higher consumption leads to generate greater indirect tax.But if more tax is needed for funding defense budget for invading other countries to establish democracy at the cost of low living standard and hardship of the common people than it a question, to be answered by the citizens of USA. So far we understand USA is such a resourceful country where there is no need to face any kind of economic hardship for its people provided their economy is designed towards that direction. So a country thinks about greater productivity and peoples welfare become their first choice than they have to go for low tax rate. I think there is no shortage of competent people who are able to design a better tax system if allowed to do
—Guest Syed Ejaz Ahsan

The one who wrote this article

The one who wrote this is obviously a democrat. His answer is to raise tax and increase the burden on Americans who empty their wallets paying for gas and food. That's his answer to boosting the economy. I say to you all who read this, use your common sense. Democrats will ruin this nation. They will!! Lower taxes and you will have more money to spend and put into the economy. Tell the democrats to stop spending so much!! If it weren't for the republicans in congress we would have much more debt. Obama is leading us to the path of destruction.
—Guest TheOne

What is the best tax plan

Mitt is wrong in thinking he can make all these decisions by himself. Why would a trillionaire want such a low paying job other than to declare himself some kind of messiah?
—Guest Hulahoop

business owner

Please leave Newt alone, he'll self destruct. On TV promote your business plan for recovery. Your opposition to federally funding abortion. Promote our strengths!!! Obama has sapped the individual . with regulations, EPA balony, back door control, TOOO much government. Make allies know we are their back, and stand by it. The world sees us as wimps. not the troops, the policies, I see us wishy washy no direction, and make believe friend, i.e. Isreal. People will work if gov. doesn't tie their hands. We want to be successful, in whatever business we choose. That Obama is so far out line , but has done what he promised, even though I may be the only one that predicted him to be the worst president in history. he has enough faults for you to address, please be the one to point out his many faults. BE ON OUR SIDE. BE FOR US. ALLOW THE CITIZENS TO PROSPER. PUT THE PEOPLE BACK IN GOVERNMENT. I'm afraid of the America I live in today, 66yrs, veteran, small business owner 35yrs, family of 4
—Guest mass voter


A. Fed fund election–6 months-3 primary 3 general- free equal tv time–debate a week=12=adequate to evlauate candidates No $$ NO pac$ No $$. Stop the 1-2 years of blarney blabbering. B. Members of Congress and White House can accept nothing with a financial value. O=nothing=offer=felony=accept=felony bye bye K street They work to better our society. C. Progressive Flat(by group) Tax D. BURN THAT XXXXX TAX BOOK–FAST SINCE 1980, IT HAS BEEN RICH-BIG CORP CHRISTMAS TREE LOADED WITH GOODIES FOR THEM. They get est 2500B in exemptions. That balances budget with some to pay on debt We can pay off Debt in less than a decade. Took 30 years to get it. clarence swinney olduglymeanhonestpoliticalhistorianlifeaholics of america author– Lifeaholic-Success by working for a Life(family-health-work-finances) not Just for a Living ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$) Top of best seller list haw river nc population 200 and growing fast fact-number comments appreciated not vile opinions

Should than Republicans.

Itr was the Republicans along with newt that brought the success to the clinton W.H.
—Guest Not swinney

Facts Speak

Statements in this article can be easily documented. Such data are preferable to hyperbole.

Romney is on the right track

First of all, Romney is on the right track ti getting America to what it used to instead what it is now with Obama's socialist reforms. We should all remember the roaring 20s in america when it got the closest to laissez faire economics and that is what we should be aiming for where we were once a booming nation, not 15 trillion dollars in debt like today

Modified FairTax Plan

I support certain aspects of the FairTax plan, such as the federal sales tax of 23% that replaces all income taxes, but the portion about the prebates could be modified to an extent. I don’t support the entitlement program based on household size because this would provide an incentive for poorer families to have more children, so they could receive more money from the government. An increased child burden will cause severe financial difficulties for the poor family and often will lead to substandard treatment of their kids. I say we replace that portion with monthly prebate payments based not on household size, but on the market value of the house in which the family resides. This would provide a progressive system that doesn’t increase disparate treatment of kids, yet provides poor families with supplemental income.
—Guest Amikaro


Sorry folks, in economic talking the US is totally messed up.No body knows where country is heading.This is very, very low status of US considering its standard of living and there is no way to find solution and it is too much damaged beyond repair.Even if the US grows by 6% GDP they cannot meet the loss occurred and the country cannot sustain any more.Every body living in America (US) has to blame himself/herself for the present going in economy of US.The system is totally corrupt.
—Guest Citizen

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