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Readers Respond: How the U.S. Can Increase Its Competitiveness and Create More Jobs

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From the article: The U.S. Trade Deficit
The U.S. slipped from #1 to #2 position in the World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Competitiveness Report for 2010. (Switzerland is #1). The U.S. fell as a result of the crisis in its financial markets and weaker macroeconomic fundamentals.What can be done to make the U.S. more competitive, and create more U.S. jobs? What Do You Think?

How to Fix it

We need a flat National Sales Tax and a gradual regulation that will cause industry to produce goods in the United States for U.S. Citizens to buy. We produce quality. I would rather pay a little more and buy American.
—Guest S.Coody

Non competitive

America in 1970 began allowing a Federal Government to become dominant. That set the table for industries to diversify locations internationally. They never came back! 44% of american workers were employed by heavy industry and manufacturing . Today it's at 6% or lower. The Federal Government and its Agencies are to blame. It is becoming even worse under this President who oversees the worst pull back in the US Economy ever, even worse than the 1929 depression in severity to the currency and the workforce.
—Guest hedgemastermb

wrong picture in your page

the picture wrongly shows the japanese yen, not the chinese yuan (renminbi) as expected. Answer from Kimberly: Sorry, I cannot find the picture you describe. I have looked and looked. :(
—Guest tamanoshima

We are screwng our selves out of jobs

Americans have got to become more self sufficient. We can't collectively even can a jar of home grown tomatos. Where did that spirit go? Stop buying that cheap junk made abroad and make our own quality goods created by Americans! Weare the most productive workers in the world! Let's prove it and buy American! Get your work boots on and lock and load YEAH
—Guest DaqnnyAxson

Driving the vacume

Our government spending does not reflect our gross domestic product, government workers are sporting the latest office chairs, cars, and the latest technological devices. Our children are not raised understanding American military history from our point of view. I think that we could increase competitiveness and create more jobs by cutting government wages across the board, tie government wages to the gross domestic product. We could ramp up weapon and weapon system production with American steal and technology. We could create incentives including fuel subsidies for companies returning manufacturing or creating new manufacturing in our country. Also we could defund obese government agency's that have forgotten there place in our humble society. We could also drill oil and natural gas. If we ramp up our productivity, bristle militarily, create just a whisper of nationalism, and pay off our debts we could be driving the vacuums instead of inventing them.
—Guest Josiah Fox

Buy Quality American Made Products

Encourage Americans to buy quality American-made products which will last longer than many of the cheap foreign made products. Buying a cheap, poorly made foreign item for $10 less than a well made American product does not save you money. You will have to replace the poorly made item over and over, thus you lose the savings and pay two or thee times more than if you had bought the better made product that would last. Each American should insist on buying quality American made goods. Your individual buying choices can stimulate our economy and maybe get you a job or a raise! When you kid yourself that you are getting a good bargain by buying poorly made foreign products, you are hurting yourself, economically, both short term and long term. Government statistics state that the U.S. imports more than we export. We import 95 billion dollars of apparel a year, for example. Americans can find quality, American made clothes and other American made products to buy.

Capital deficit

As I am concerned capital deficit and others economical recessions are over coming by so much problems like unemployment. Trade deficit means there isn't wide connections through the world. Example: America hasn't wide connections with my country as China is doing. Maybe US's goods and materials are very expensive and can't handled by our people but they can send goods which are familiar with the original ones and also you can import ours. Anyway US must participate with international trading system sufficiently especially in Africa so as a business man I want to trade with US American Civilized peoples and I need their supporting ideas and supporting sources.

and making more empoyment which will be

when all the patritic companies of usa will ammalgamate then there will be saving of capital egmcdonald,kfc in one roof no loss to cometitive company and saving of capital to invest
—Guest consumer and demand suppy cycle will inc

It's all our fault

We have done this to ourselves by not ensuring that those that hold public office are held to account. I believe that our economic problems stem from poor tax policy and financial regulation. Simply stated the reason that there are few jobs in the USA is because investors believe they can earn a better return elsewhere. When one invests in purely speculative things such as weather real estate will go up, wealth is not created, the ONLY thing that creates wealth is LABOR. If you want more jobs tax speculation at a higher rate, make any financial concern keep a minimum 25% share of any thing they sell.If this had been the law of the land there would have been no financial melt down. Give tax breaks to firms based on the number of employees they have. Oh yeah and stop the wealthy from buying all the congressmen. Monopolies are illegal.
—Guest Michael Lickley

Mistake in article

Pretty sure there's only about 1.3 billion people living in China "It has to divide this production up among nearly 1.4 trillion residents." (Thanks for pointing this out! The correction has been made. Kimberly)
—Guest cloylover

current economy

the obvious question to me is, why is this recovery taking so long. i believe the answer is twofold. one, u.s. businesses have moved a huge number of jobs overseas, this action has flattened demand because many families do not have the disposable income that they once had. anytime you squeeze workers wages and benefits it has a negative affect on demand. two, most americans of today do not look at the label-of-origin when they buy. there are still many companies in the u.s. that are very competitive, but the purchaser must look to see where the product is made. if you buy a foreign car for example you are basically sending 75% of the money to that country. and then wondering why there are so few jobs in america. when we buy as much as we can from american companies we are strenghtening our economy. when we buy from a foreign country we are strenghtening their economy.
—Guest r mill

Support American Business

I believe the key is in supporting American Businesses. Let me explain myself... One of our main problems is the incredible debt that we have acquired. When we import so much from foreign nations, we have to borrow. The greater the margin between our imports and exports, the greater amount we have to borrow. By decreasing our dependence on other nations and buying from our own businesses, we can reduce our importations dramatically. This in turn will reduce our dependence on other nations and will increase demand for american products which in turn will increase the demand for American jobs. One professor estimated that if the trade deficit were cut in half, about 5 million jobs could be created. To put that in perspective, 5 million jobs created would slash the unemployment rate by well over 3%! The american economy would thrive, and exports could possibly jump to. Overall, support of American goods and services could be the key factor in jump-starting our economy.
—Guest ManForAmerica

United states Export

I know state government creates different programs to support the exporters, I really think this is great, because export is billions of dollars profits which are not fully explored. There is not too much competition within USA, therefore now is the best time to explore the export especially if you are a manufacturer.
—Guest ally

all gov"ts are corrupt and we r suckers

big bussiness and gov"t are playing us for fools (which we are) .They make the rules and control the game. All good ideas to wipe out unemployment and also welfare will never be put into law because the big guys will never let it happen.One simple law with the stroke of THE PEN by the President can do it. Here it is " Anything sold in America and can be made in America ,must be made in America by American citizens." Any company from any country can only sell their product if they set up their factory or factories here and hire American citizens .
—Guest g6234

Creative Idea's from the people!

In general the public (we the people) are creative beings! When the people are allowed to create a business via their own ingenuity/ entrepreneurship, the public will eventually support via of supply and demand. New idea's new inventions catch on fast especially when it advances us into the future. So why not create an economy where ideas and inventions are valued over becoming employed! Where businesses are started based on the ideas and inventions of it's people! Children should go to school not to be taught based on a systematic system but to have their creative talents and abilities developed; thus at an early age inner ideas can become outward creations; thereby establishing businesses at a younger age verses becoming employed. Where people have businesses and they work together for the greater good verses making someone rich via being employed. Thus, all the businesses will support one another and support their nation and advance over seas and to other countries

What Do You Think?

How the U.S. Can Increase Its Competitiveness and Create More Jobs

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