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Readers Respond: How to Survive a Great Depression

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avoid loans

Avoid loans cause when it is time to pay it back you wouldnt know how to pay it back youll just ask family to loan then you have to pay that back
—Guest Elizabeth Mckraloe

Police State is what's coming!

1.6 billion rounds of ammo purchased by Dept of Homeland Security! 850 FEMA CAMPS ! Wake up America! Obama is our Hitler!
—Guest Chuck


Make do and meand means less production....less production means less jobs....less jobs means less money...less money means depression. While the US was clothing the world it had surplus jobs and money, which you spent like it was going out of fashion. Now there are no more foreign countries left to exploit. Theyre making the clothes for half your wages and selling them back to you. So you'd better learn to make do and mend again coz theres no way out of this spiral. Anyway, what is everyone wingeing about.....I thought they were supposed to have been the good ol days ? There are some very simple ways to prepare 1/get rid of ALL your debt/credit cards especially. 2/Buy an acre near a nice sunny, country community. 3/ Plant food/raise chickens. 3/ Look around your home and only keep the things you simply cant live without....sell/bin the rest......its just luggage. Who knows, you might find this simple life is the good ol days of the future.
—Guest alan

Live within your means

If you cant afford to buy it for cash....you cant afford it. Credit is a modern form of slavery.
—Guest alan

When the next great depression arrives

Learn now how to be more self sufficient. Store what you can and learn how to grow vegetables, even if it is pots on the patio. Prepare now!
—Guest Brenda


Ask God for his blessing above all. Then learn how to work the land. Remember to thank the lord for every blessing. Learn how to really grow a garden. learn how to cultivate and work the land. Learn to take the best plants and save the seeds. Learn canning, freezing, jarring. get rid of cable. get a generator. Remember, people are not as loving as once were. learn to sew. learn herbs for health. learn where clean springs are. dont buy toys. by things that will help in a complete disaster like an alcohol stove and canning jars. a lot of these things don't exist anymore. have a ham radio or at least one land line phone. learn to make candles
—Guest kimberly

A Record Dow

What goes up, must come down! I believe national debt will be behind the next world-wide economic crisis.


All you have to is save your money in a bank.That way you can also earn interest and save a lot of money quickly.You can also reduce using things and reuse and recycle.Do jobs that will earn you money.Just relax and sleep well after so you won't be so tired.Sell things you don't use and try not to buy really expensive things.
—Guest Jess

borned in TX at the end of the GD

My parents were a hard working couple.Dad in the fields,working at what ever he could do.He was a poor dirt farmer moved from the country in to a small TX.town.They struggled,lost one baby in death.Dad worked at what ever work he could get from digging ditches to walking behind a plow pulled by his old work horse .He earned about $.50 a day,if luckey a $1.00 a day.Mom canned all of our fruits and vegatables.Some how they managed to save$150.00 and bought our 1and 1/4 acres of land in a intergrated neighthood in 1936.The old house wasn't much.Dad managed for a cow and a couple of pigs each yr.Dad build a smoke house(still standing) to cure the bacon and store moms canned goods.The neighbors help in the butching the hogs,was given some fresh meat for helping Dad. The mexicans down the street would make Tamales from hog head.EVERYONE HAD THEIR JOB TO DO. WONDERFUL FRIENDS and neightbors.i was born in 1937.The way to save and take care of family and friends has stuck with me all these yrs
—Guest guest gr.granny mollie

Start Now

Look at the label of everything you own. Where is made? Chances are it says China. Otherwise, everywhere except our own country. This is what is causing the recession/depression. If we can't convince gov't to bring back tariffs we can vote with our wallets. Reduce, reuse, recyle is always best. Buying secondhand, from any country, is good for the environment.If you need to buy new, consider going without, before deciding to buy from another country.Sometimes you just don't have that option, and that is ok. Farmers survived the Depression than anyone for a reason. They were mostly self sufficient. Start learning now. Grow a garden. make homemade laundry soap. Pay off your home.Quit smoking. Reduce drinking. Walk more.Cut back on the cable pkg. Start using your landlines, and get rid of all the cell phones. Keep the internet, because it has a wealth of information on how to fix most everything, or prepare anything. Consider buying a large house and share it with many family members.
—Guest kathryn

Stay positive

I agree with this article. Staying flexible is important. Where will we be, if and when the depression hits? I think in order to really come to grips with what it is like, you need to talk with people who were in the great depression or their kids. My mom still scrapes the butter from the foil. Washes clothes in cold, and hangs to dry until 2 years ago. She cuts her own hair, and my dad's hair. I also cut my own hair. It is so easy, just try it. Why waste money on hair? People made it through the depression because they used their brains and stayed positive. If you focus on how little you had you were done. Laughter is free. Be thankful for what you have. And keep going. Pay your bills, and be kind. If someone helps you, then help someone else that needs it. Stop being greedy, and live on less. The person with the most toys, still dies. Dump the toys and spend time with your family. Quit smoking and drinking and save that money! You could have paid off your debts by now! peace
—Guest smiley


Trillionaires,Billionaires,Millionaires Wall-Street GREED,GREED,GREED
—Guest crossboy56

make your own food!

You know there are very simple things that you can do to save money. I make my own breads and sweets at home instead of buying them. My kids earn their own money for the things they want. We don't eat out or buy foods that cost alot of money. Another thing that you can do is clip coupons and shop the weekly sales only to save money. cut you food bills in half like i have by doing these things.

How to survive a depression

Ride a bike, or walk. Substitue an item you don't have for what you do have, make your own clothes or mend torn ones. Wear socks not panty hoses. shoe repair, Grow vegetables. Sell dinners & pies. Eat lessl, no meats, rice & beans. No hair cuts, or beauty salon"s, do it yourself. Baking soda not tooth paste. make soap. No big macks, eat at home. go to bed at dark..
—Guest dprice1114@yahoo.com

moms lessons for me to servive

I was born in fiftyone but mom believed in raising the children like the depression. It was good for us are know now are can love in nothing Android make it something. I'm a woman but I know how to work like a man. Thank you mom
—Guest sue griffin

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How to Survive a Great Depression

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