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Readers Respond: How to Survive a Great Depression

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learn to live with less

my grandparents knew full well how to survive in the depression. it's called "wear it out, fix it up, or do without". they were poor, but not deprived. they learned how to repair things and make sure that everything was truly worthless before trashing it. they spent only on things they really needed, and went to movies not just for entertainment, but for the free dishes and glasses provided. many of these are still in good condition, used by my uncle now. i live in china now, and that's how things are done here. there are a lot of people who still fix things, instead of throwing them away. i've also had to downsize things before. it's just not that hard. spend $2 for every $5 you make. if you can't hack that, then spend $3. you'll always be poor if you spend $6 for every $5 you make, or don't account for paying tax.
—Guest sandi j allen

Live in moment

Some said to get three jobs to make it. Where are the jobs? One job is hard to find. How can You get three? Right now I work part time at any thing I can find. People have been good to me in the wages I get. I put out a good days work.. That's what's keeps them calling me back to work. K trusted the Banks and our Government to protect us from the thief's that robbed us of our homes and jobs. I had a simple life. That's why I lasted longer than most who spent and never saved. Most used the Equity in their homes to live way over their means.. They all went down quick. They gave up and quit fighting. Some Divorced, splitting the family. Some moved back with in-laws or parents. That didn't last either. I just hope our health holds up till we recover. Pray for our Country..
—Guest Dave

We the people

I say lazy people quit living off of unemployment, get 3 part time jobs if need be, spend your money, stop waiting on the liars and socialists in washington to provide your every need, churches start helping your people, church people start helping those you can, stand up, be proud, be american. Government is not the answer, hard work, honesty, integrity, blood,sweat and tears. I think its a shame how we as a proud and strong nation have bowed down to a man, an image, an idea. Here is your change you were promised, the change in your pocket.
—Guest Kc

Directly control our political destiny

In the 1700s, because of time and distance problems, we decided to elect representatives to vote for us at a central location, Wash. D.C. WE VOTED FOR PEOPLE AND NOT ON ISSUES. After they got to D.C. they could bring up and vote on any legislation they wanted. This was and is still the flaw in our system. Plus congress members could cause problems for 2 to 6 years before being voted out. This is 2011 and because of our incredible communication technology we no longer need a representative republic. We just don't realize it yet. We the people of the United States can directly put forth issues that we would want to vote on using our cell phones and computers. The top 10 issues could be put to vote once a month. All interested Americans would then immediately decide the issue. The people in DC would just carry out our wishes. If we don't like the job they are doing, we would immediately fire them. I personally want all manufacturing to return to the U.S. We need jobs.

War and the Federal Reserve

Guest "Warren B" is right about war, and the prelude is building with China's rapid building of a navy and buying submarines and aircraft carrier hulls from Russia. And, "Conservative 21" is right about the Federal Reserve. Get a book called "The Creature from Jekyll Island", a factual book of the history of the Federal Reserve, and you will see what you never have before. This is the cyclic reaping of the wealth of common citizens that takes place cyclicly, when the wealthy elite flush-out the assets and move them to themselves through the manipulation of economies and housing markets. It had to take place before the Boomers cashed in the wealth they'd built over there generation. 'Quantitative Easing' is simply flushing out wealth through the deliberate de-valuing of anything denominated in US dollars - you've already lost nearly 40% of everything you've saved, and you'll lose more - right under your nose, and no one's lifted a finger!
—Guest Throw-em-Out

The Great depression

what would i do is that i would help others not only myself and family. And also not worry about money and just focus on me and others
—Guest Anne

how to survive and save i do

grow a garden do your reasearch on what you eat and grow it and can it ..im in my 50s and i couldnt go with out its taste so much better then grocery store..or buy bulk at farmers mkt ..people tell me it takes too much time . excuses..people have become lazy ..no home cooked food its all heat and serve now yuck.. vi wont live forever but ill die healthy
—Guest linda myer

We need to stop crying about our pay

We americans are spoil little dam brads we believe we deserve to get paid more for less work. Why can we just say okay ill work for less and maybe a production industry would stay here in the us and not move to china or a third world country
—Guest Ivan


Young lazy adults need to get out and work, ask your neighbor,everybody needs something done ,they do not know how to do or not able to do,stop waiting for your parents or the government to hand you everything,,if you cannot pay your electric bill ,dont run the ac wide open with the door open,eat left overs,pack your lunch,dont use a credit card if you cannot pay back,Respect yourself and others .Put your trust in God and pray for this country,and be willing to give of your time to hep your fellowman, hey it may lead to a real job....
—Guest guest Deb

solution or dream?

Corruption is winning this battle. The solution offered at the end of this article made me laugh. It reads like a joke: "Increase your income, reduce your spending, reduce your debt. Invest in a diversified portfolio." The problem is without a job, there is no income and getting another job is hard when there are 100 applicants for each opening. It isn't easy to get a job these days, even with a college degree. And now we're supposed to be happy that our government wants to financially support non-citizens to attend our colleges? And now that I have no income, my debt cannot be reduced, in fact, it increases due to late fees... and there is NOTHING to invest with as a result. Diversified portfolio? As a theory it sounds good. As a reality.... it is a figment of the imagination.
—Guest VickiH

Help others and they will help you!

If everyone would stop being so darn greedy and lend a helping hand to those in need the whole world would be better. Instead people are greedy and selfish. I've found out the more I help others, the more they would help me if I needed it. Think about all these celebrities and Doctors and lawyers. Most of them have so much money and unnecessary items: expensive cars, items in their homes, I could go on and on. If they would help the needy instead of being greedy and buying things so unnecessary they could help so many people! Every American at some point in their lives have done this. Just stop the silliness and dedicate your life to helping everyone else if you can and are able. Gaurantee you if every person did this there would he no homeless families and America would be in the best shape ever! In reality not many people would be willing to do this. That's why we are in the shape we are in! That's sad!
—Guest Random

grow a garden

Learn how to grow a garden. Could be as little as a flowerpot if you live in an apartment. Green beans are easy, so are tomatoes. Get some mason jars and learn how to preserve food. Never EVER throw away food. Pick up a penny when you see it on the ground. Believe in yourself and believe in God, and don't listen to these jokers who think that Americans are soft. And it's alright to be mad about the situation. In fact, the time to be mad is NOW.

Fear Breads Fear

I don't doubt that the economy is in trouble. But the thing is, if the news, the government screams fire long enough people will think theres a fire. Meaning allot of this has been caterpolted by sensationalism. For an example when the president stated he had came close to making a choice on the "deal" the sock market went way up. Its all controlled. Its obvious what ever is going to happen is a plan that has been in action a very long time.
—Guest Candice

Only buy what you can afford...

Best advice you had - 'only buy a house that you can afford'. Your mortgage is the single largest monthly payment. In this economy, where I had to take a job making half the wage I had before in a new state (I left CA with an unemployment check in my hand and a solid determination to find a new job and a new life), I was so glad that I had purchased a home that was well within my means. I got through without bankruptcy because of that and my nest egg. Save and live below your means, an you will be ok.
—Guest Aine

FDR Didn't "Solve" The Problem

“New Deal” was signed into law. This "created 42 new agencies designed to create jobs, allow unionization, and provide unemployment insurance."...Spending/borrowing more money(at interest) only ran up the bar tap. The Fed decided to open up the spigot to the govt. Unfortunately, that money was borrowed in the name of the taxpayer. Get it? They did it(like today) with YOUR money. Banks aren't lending to you and me...just other banks,govt and mega corps. 1929 was the beginning of a 10yr harvest for the parasitic bankers...just like 2007. They can reposess the country. They want it ALL
—Guest robertsgt40

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