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Readers Respond: How to Survive a Great Depression

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Ban obama CARE

If we join together and ban Obama care I don't think we'll have to worry about a depression
—Guest Ashley

Perfect Storm

I think the point made that the economy is able to weather any storm is nieve at best. As of Late 2013, the USA national debt is alarming, the ration to GDB is highest ever, the problems that hit the economy in 2008 are here today and much worse (i.e. Derivitives). The Fed reserve is funding the bulk of the debt for the last 6 years, which is just diluting the money by printing monopoly money... the list of warning indicators is very long and the list of positive signs are non-existent. I recommend you prepare for the worst, and hope for the best, do your homework!
—Guest Randola

the great depression

there are alot of poeple that survived the great depression but alot didnt. people survived by Having alot of friends and being chill
—Guest keoni

lack of tax $'s

When we cannot pay the taxes on our homes and/or lands, then, where do we plant our gardens? Get wheel-burrows or a cart and goat or pony to haul your BIBLE, tent, camo clothes for hot and cold weather (layer your clothes), lots of water-proof awnings and/or shower curtains, rope, butane, refillable lighters, metal pie pans for plates, metal eating utensils, large pot for boiling water, dish detergent (as much as possible), lots of wash cloths, a book to identify edible plants, little plastic toys for the children, anything else necessary for survival, and lots of prayer and love for everybody. Everybody needs to get underground vegetables planted now. We can share with the homeless. Lots of onions, garlic, potatoes, etc. planted in our flower gardens now so the vegies will be there when we do need them. Plant now lots of mints, rosemary, lavender, and other herbs that can be used for medicinal purposes. May the LORD be with you and keep you safe.

Right education

people spend so much $$$ on getting educated but they are still financially illiterate.They need to do 2 simple things: (1) stop relying on credit (2) understand the difference between paper currency and a true monetary such as gold and/or silver


Buy and store some dry beans. These may be soaked and cooked; but note...they are also seeds! Practice growing some bean sprouts as well as good protein and source of dietary roughage. Learn to dry fruits and veggies on racks in fire pit. Barter with your neighbors.
—Guest Marva Priestley

Economic Collapse

Develop co-operatives within family groups; each member should develop proficiency in meeting a basic need of the group members. foraging, pickling and preserving....skills. assemble reserves of water, chlorine tablets, fire-starting tools in waterproof case, latrine supplies, et al . common gathering areas.... Camp supplies/tarps/sleeping bags...
—Guest Marva Priestly

pm detar

I am trying to find out what the meteorologists say caused the dust bowl other than drought
—Guest Phyllis


calm down and make money, spend some, save some...work, pay off all debts as soon as possible, take out a few loans-Not too many
—Guest Ayyy

can do

people need a can do attitude to survive another great depresson.
—Guest mr E

Will the US Economy Collapse

I believe your response to this is BRAVO SIERRA printing cash is absolutely Crazy ....we are in a mess because we have been irresponsible in doing this to begin with.
—Guest Ma

Why ...

I see all the responses ... Sure they work, but didn't see school , or keep your friends closer , and family.this is the digital age. Along with the age where man has lost it's intelligence.america is a drone. Idc what's done as long as its right. Immigrants need to leave. Americans need to stand straight up and recognize our problems and address them. Every race on well fair needs to be dropped unless legit needs it. Ug it's not the people altogether either. All you disgusting greedy ppl should atone for what you do. You absorb as much money as possible , and for that all I can say is karma . Geez America what are you doing. ..... No sorry the ppl in charge! Those ppl need to be stripped of their power!
—Guest Skygrinder

avoid loans

Avoid loans cause when it is time to pay it back you wouldnt know how to pay it back youll just ask family to loan then you have to pay that back
—Guest Elizabeth Mckraloe

Police State is what's coming!

1.6 billion rounds of ammo purchased by Dept of Homeland Security! 850 FEMA CAMPS ! Wake up America! Obama is our Hitler!
—Guest Chuck


Make do and meand means less production....less production means less jobs....less jobs means less money...less money means depression. While the US was clothing the world it had surplus jobs and money, which you spent like it was going out of fashion. Now there are no more foreign countries left to exploit. Theyre making the clothes for half your wages and selling them back to you. So you'd better learn to make do and mend again coz theres no way out of this spiral. Anyway, what is everyone wingeing about.....I thought they were supposed to have been the good ol days ? There are some very simple ways to prepare 1/get rid of ALL your debt/credit cards especially. 2/Buy an acre near a nice sunny, country community. 3/ Plant food/raise chickens. 3/ Look around your home and only keep the things you simply cant live without....sell/bin the rest......its just luggage. Who knows, you might find this simple life is the good ol days of the future.
—Guest alan

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How to Survive a Great Depression

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