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Readers Respond: Has the Economic Stimulus Plan Affected You?

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The Economic Stimulus Plan spent over $60 billion in increased Social Security benefits and grants to schools, states and alternative energy.

Failed Stimulus Plan

As far as helping schools it just gets worse day by day. Schools are being useless for kids. No sports, no summer school, not enough teachers, and in plain simple facts kids do not get taught. Jobs are all going to other countries. My job and many others in the garment industry are gone. This is a joke what is becoming of America. We are over populated in California and it does not even look like the U.S. any more. Nothing is made here! Thanks to Congress and the Presidents!
—Guest Arleen Yalowitz

Our life is worse

Our bankruptcy just closed. My husband's pay checks are smaller; I've been working 3 part-time jobs because I can't find a full time job; our insurance benefits are much worse; our oldest son is going to have to drop out of college because of the Pell Grant dependency rules; our second son is working now trying to save money for college, and we're barely able to pay the bills. The unemployment rate is our county is 20% and we have the highest suicide rate in our state! Yep! The stimulus money really helped us!

Bank bailout what a joke...

I'm a single mother. My house was foreclosed on and I lost it. Well afterward without my knowledge US Treasury, Rural Housing Development bought out my loan. This foreclosure was in 2009. This year my entire income taxes have been taken and given to the Rural Housing Development. I knew nothing about this transaction til today. Money I've been waiting for so I can have a much needed surgery. I am paying for a loan for a house I don't even have. Are you freaking kidding me. Make the rich man richer and the poor man poorer. Not only can I not have my surgery, something I can eventually die from, my kids and I are going to be homeless. Thanks for nothing... Help the banks and hurt the little man trying to survive.
—Guest Lyn


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—Guest vwGmoxpYeZauyEfA

Mr, Gray Student of College of America

No. I've personally haven't felt the force of the Stimulus Plan for it may have been interrupted or intercepted by a particaller criteria, that stood in the way of me and it. Also i'd stayed unemployed for: at least 18 months, with no umployment benefits.
—Guest Sylvester Gray

total fear

Since the only way to loan such money to either the banks or the auto industry is to have the treasury print it, this does nothing more than shrink the value of the dollar which is already in the toilet. My fear is that by the time we can elect another president to bring our devided nation together again, the dollar will no longer be the world curency for commodity trade. This means total melt down for the US and all our assits. In a nut shell, we have to stop giving government money out we don't have. We have to close the boarders solid to prevent the tax money going to the illegals. We must force those on government subs to prove they are not on drugs, and give them something to do for communities to earn the handouts. Give out only food to survive on and not allow food stamps to be spent on chips and soda. Treat government housing like military barracks. They can be inspected and are to be kept clean and safe or find a job to house yourself. Just get back to capitalisic ways!!
—Guest rixrokn


The bailout was portrayed as a way of helping the economy get better. It didn't work, and in that respect it was a failure. But it did hold the economy about where it was, allowing it to escape collapse.
—Guest eric

What a JOKE !!!

Bailing out the banks?? More like changing their diapers, like they were their parents!!!!! Now, anybody who had anything, has nothing!!!! The worse thing that was ever done, was to allow corporations to stop pension plans, and offer 401-K plans. Believe me, I was a bank employee in 1992 and watched my employer be "seized", and lost a chunk of my plan because it had to be in the bank's stock, and the same thing is going on NOW with the stock market dropping! NO POLITICIAN SHOULD ACCEPT A PAYCHECK!
—Guest cmm

so far we haven't seen it

after two long years of foreclosure proceedings, the bank finally agreed to make another new deal with us, which is more than we paid before for our home. homes in our area are not selling, but sitting in foreclosure. my health insurance premiums through my state job increased. the taxes taken from my paycheck have increased. my salary has not increased. my husband did get a job, but as a loan officer, which is very hard these days to succeed...not many who call in for help qualify to obtain loans either to purchase or refi.
—Guest dmattice


hell no the only thing i see it has accomplished is more debt and income for those who don't need it. why would the government feel the need to loan businesses money thats the purpose of banks.
—Guest walter watson

Where did our money really go

Why were so many of the stimulas monies gone to foreign countries and so many more not even accounted for could it be they are expecting all hell to break loose next year and they wanted all they could get to throw down there shelter holes to get them finished before it is too late for the citizens of the United States to become aware of what is reallygoing on.
—Guest Ronnie

American Dream = A LIE

As a small business owner, I learned that the so called "American Dream" is a lie. If I fail, I fail hard. I'm not rich enough therefor I'm not immune to the market risks that other rich corporations are immune to. There should have been riots in the streets of every city but Americans have become to fat, lazy, uneducated, and only consumed with entertainment for it to happen. There is no justice in this country!
—Guest Illumination

FED up

Once again our federal govt. has managed to take a good idea and screw it up. Thank you for squandering my tax dollars.
—Guest Junior

pray for the usa and congress

disable truck driver needs one and fathers who pay child support there are some honest fathers who deserve them give the mothers or who ever has the kids half not the whole check ps show to cnn news and world news tonight may God BLESS US and me and the whole wide world AMEN .
—Guest mr douglas

Of course it worked.

The stimulus worked about as well as I had hoped. Just look at the data/facts. Are the people commenting below joking? I did find some posts funny for being sarcastic. I hope they aren't really as unpatriotic, selfish, and, frankly, ignorant as they seem. Now that would be sad indeed.
—Guest John

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