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Readers Respond: Has the Economic Stimulus Plan Affected You?

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The Economic Stimulus Plan has spent over $60 billion in increased Social Security benefits and grants to schools, states and alternative energy. Has it helped you or anyone you know? Share your stories here. How Has It Affected You?

food stamps

All I know is they reduced my food stamps and I am a widow and a single mother on SSI
—Guest Daye

This Stimulus Stinks

To work this stimulus, food stamps have been cut. This takes away from those who need them. More job's have not been created at all, as a matter of fact, jobs are much harder to get. In Florida, if a person has any kind of criminal record at all, he or she will play cane getting a job. Just because a person has a record does not mean he or she is a bad person. He or she just might need a chance to be a productive citizen in society, but when society will not let them, then what choice are they given but to go back to jail or prison? I am 52, and I have never known it to be as hard to get a job as it is now. The government is more crooked now than it ever has been. The poor are getting screwed on a daily basis. I can go on but not enough space. OBAMA STINKS!!!!!!
—Guest Russ


Many on this site have no knowledge of the stimulus plan. It had nothing to do with banks...it was mostly tax credits of one kind or another, education funds, infrastructure funds, medicaid funds, energy credits and some investment in science and technology. The TARP program, passed under Bush and expanded under Obama, bailed out the banks; the government actually made money on that because most was paid back with interest.
—Guest cameronval

A joke on us

This stimulus was nothing but a scam on the American Tax-payers. Grants were made with no strings attached. Criminals reaped the harvest as always on this one. Corporations using fictious names, colleges and Universities, police departments, sherriffs departments, county and local governments putting in roads to no where. Hardly any real jobs created, and those that were created weren't permanent. Public housing buildings got remodeled and re-roofed, so the least productive members of society could enjoy themselves in comfort, until called upon for the next illegal election.
—Guest John Warner

mortgage was lowered

I thank you for giving me a lower rate. I lost the paper that I was suppose to call in today. HELP!!!!!!
—Guest Lori A Bailey

not enough $ = stim you LESS!!

When you build a campfire you use fine brush at the base and each succeeding layer is composed of thicker twigs and branches and finally logs. The stimulus-fire is applied to the BASE, not the logs which will only suck it all up rather than pass it on down. Heat (stimulus) rises from the base to feed the longer lasting lumbering logs at the top. We haven't applied enough heat and what little we've applied was handed over to the wrong group of people who must have been laughing up their sleeves, thank you very much!.


Not directly but it allowed the DISHONEST financial community to spend it as they wanted (Ridiculous bonuses to the crooks tha created the mess) that we payed for. Didn't create ONE "shovel ready job" that I know of. Also, Solyndra, as did the other "Green" companies FAILED!!!! What a masterful economic genius in the White House!
—Guest rockfordjohn

sad state of affairs

I have not worked for a year and a half, enough said.
—Guest mark wiegman

we are low income

and we are the type of family Obama is helping and wants to help more. The wealthy families are the ones complaining. Job loss happens with or without Obama and fixing an economy takes longer than ruining it so people need to be less anxious and be patient. There is no such thing as a quick fix and Obama will admit this. We have received the child tax credit that Obama raised by $1000. We receive the Pell Grant so we can go to school while raising our children and the Grant, Obama maxed it to help those in low income homes. We also receive health care relief. We save over $240 a month on health care and were about to cancel but we have 3 kids and my husband was going to have to get a second job. I get sick of people with money whine. I am tired of people in their 50's who lose their job (it happens all the time, not just now) and refuse to take a job that pays less or has a lower title and then blame Obama. What a crock.
—Guest deedee

What stimulus?

I compared my husbands paycheck stubs from 5 years ago to now and the only thing that has changed is our private healthcare premium and co pay has increased and the amount of taxes has increased! We make 70K between us and we are NOT feeling the "stimulus".
—Guest Cujo

I found one place our money went.

When I was at the cell phone store as I was leaving, the rep. asked if I or anyone I knew was on gov't. assistance/welfare. She then proceeded to tell me that if I was, I could fill out the application they had on the table and get $13.50 toward my cell phone bill paid compliments of the stimulus package.
—Guest Terri

Stimulus I Felt

Thanks to the reduced payroll deduction I have more take-home pay. I used the money to pay off debts, and now can build emergency savings and funds for repairs and remodeling. Despite concerted opposition President Obama has worked to revitalize our economy. He saved the auto industry, and millions of jobs in doing so. The Republican leaders and their backers would have let it the automakers fail and outsourced it.
—Guest Anne P

Stimulus package

This "stimulus plan" has helped no one. There are more people out of work everyday. Everytime I go to the grocery store, the prices go up and up. And how about the gas prices? This president is not the only cause for these problems but he certainly has not anyything to change things for the better. He keeps bringing in foreign companies to do the jobs that American citizens can and should do. What kind of a stimulus is that? i would vote for Mickey Mouse before I would vote for this man who doesn't even like Americans and has done nothing to help them.
—Guest Ms Eckard

Yes We Can

While the country is slowly beginning it's recovery, and whiners complain, I have to ask, "How many of Us Could have done any better" considering the "absolute mess OB inherited with his election? He didn't promise one miracle as I recall. As for the stimulus plan, YES I am better off , that plan [and first time buyers stimulus], allowed me to sell a home I could no londer afford, and to buy my home that is even better, same size, lower taxes, same general neighborhood. I know the recovery will be slow, and steady, Obama knows where Americans are coming from, and more than that he genuinely cares enough to make decisions, that matter whether it makes him look good or not, as for me and my house, we shall give an already trying Man , another 4 yrs to do everything in his power to bring America back to "The People" BIN LADEN is dead, GM is alive.Vote Obama 2012~
—Guest Mary Ann

Four More Years

Is my family better off now than it was four years ago? ABSOLUTELY! I have a job. Our savings has recovered what was lost under the previous administration and even grown. While we will never be rich, at least I can now see retirement at the end of the tunnel. I know the jobs numbers are improving slowly, but at least they are improving.

How Has It Affected You?

Has the Economic Stimulus Plan Affected You?

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