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Readers Respond: What Should Be Done About Them?

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who is responsible for these gas prices

A couple of months ago the price of gas per barrel was about the same and the price at the pump was a lot less, who is responsible for manipulating these prices, who ever is should be sent to jail, because this is hurting the overall's economy.
—Guest Jean

gas prices

i'm confused if oil prices are about $ 102 a barrel and gas is at $ 3.90 a gallon, and the high price is being blamed on oil prices, then why in feb of 2008 when oil prices are the exact same as they are now, why was gas $ 3.05 gallon then !!!! why the big difference if it's being blamed on oil prices.......
—Guest charlie

why are commodity traders given a pass

I don't understand why the same 'investors' who created the real estate debacle by buying up real estate and driving up prices can now do the same thing by driving up the price of oil...in both cases, regular people suffer
—Guest phillip

Oil Companys

There isn't any incentive for oil companys to pay less for oil. The more they pay, the more they make in profit. I think they should have a set profit per gallon and not a profit "margin". This would create the desire to pay less for oil.
—Guest Average American

The Truth

The US dollar will be dead in a few months. This does not mean that it will go completely away, but it will decline about 40%. The new world order will take place very soon. The elits have planned this all out and want to drive us all into more debt and pain before they introduce us to the New World Order. My advice would be to purchase gold and silver if you can. We the people have the power to stand up and make a difference. We need to come together now before it's too late!!
—Guest anerob

Get Real

The reason gas prices are so high can be placed squarely on the shoulders of Barack Obama. Since Obama took office, oil production and refinement is down over 60%. FACT. THAT is why gas prices are so high. Couple that with Obama appointing Chu to head the Energy department, and Chu has stated that the goals of the Administration is to have gas prices in America equal to those in Europe. Currently at over $10 a gallon. Nice try though.
—Guest Palerider1957

Oil Price

We should get rid of gas and oil WELFARE(lets call it what it is) first of all.Then remove the speculators(VULTURES)who manipulate the markets and get rich on the backs of the honest,hard working Americans that actually have morals.Improvements in mass transportation and alternate fuel vehicles would also help.
—Guest Jon

Obama's plan doesn't reduce overall cost

Obama's "plan" to reduce oil prices, is faulty at best. 1. Gasoline prices when studied from the purchase of crude oil to the gas pump (ei- $103 per barrel/55 gal. to the $3.90 per gal./$214 per barrel) is over twice as much. What is not mentioned is all the taxes placed on oil along the way in it's process to the gas pump. The federal tax only is applied at one juncture, but there is still the regulatory fees and taxes as well atlas the inclusion of ethanol which in itself increased the price of fuel. But by Obama seeking the bio-friendly means it only adds to more taxes that Americans will have to pay: new laws of inspection for bio-friendly vehicles taxed and regulated by the government, new electric meters for traveling vehicles taxed and regulated by the government, demand for more ethanol which is already taxed and regulated by the government. The list goes on... I do not believe Obama has a good plan.
—Guest Shane


We are paying the price on investors profits. We use less and less and still the price increases. Not everything should be traded as a commodity. We bailed out wall street once. The grab for money, money, money is what will ruin this country. IF this continues, we will see a revolution. And those who want drilling in the US only if it is not near them. I doubt that North Carolinians (where I live) would want drilling off the Outer Banks. We have to find new power sources!
—Guest fed up

gas prices

open up domestic reserves and complete our continental pipelines so we can be independant of outside US oil
—Guest mike

Gas prices aren't too high.

Gas prices aren't high at all, in fact they haven't risen much since the late 1940's. Back then a gallon of gas cost 20 cents. The silver content of 2 dimes from that era, based on todays prices, is worth $4.68. So the correct answer is that the cost of gas isn't going up. Instead, the value of our money is going down, and at a frightening rate. The government has been lying to the people about our true inflation rate. The current CPI index no longer uses the price of food or fuel in its computations. The problem is unrestrained government spending paid for by an unconstitutional privately owned central bank that simply prints the money as it needs to. fs
—Guest Swemson

Cut demand?

I was surprised to see about.com put the liberal spin on their web that the way to reduce gas prices is to cut demand. If that is true, then so is the inverse...increase supply. Contrary to popular belief the US is sitting on tremendous oil reserves. It is time to put aside the liberal environmentalist dogma ans increase our own supply while reducing demand.
—Guest Rmontbr


First of all I would like you to state everything in Metric since Canada is metric. I know you copied this from the States. Second, some people are buying ELECTRIC motorcycles for short trip. I will buy one shortly. No license or insurance (yet)necessary! They have a range of 100 km over flat terain and the barreries charge overnight right from your 110 V home outlet. PLEASE THINK OUT OF THE BOX and remember, this is suppose to be a Canadian website.
—Guest Anthony Bouwman

Response to Comments

Guest Steveo - you write that solar and wind power are free. I would bet, not my paycheck but my LIFE that if the use of wind or solar in individual homes started to reach 50% verses coal, electric, etc., Uncle Same & your guv'na would be at your wallet w/ some type of tax or fee in a New York second AND they Gov'mnt subsidize poor oil companies as with farming & "green" businesses. Go ahead & build me a car that works using those "fuels." I'm not stopping you. Must last 300 miles per tankful unlike silly hybrids. Second: what really gets me is that each dollar I earn buys so little now and it all started with rising gas prices in 2004? 2005? (remember Russia coming to Japan's aid? That was the warning of a new era in oil's importance because Russia and Japan are NOT friends.). People: the horse is out of the barn and down the road and into the next county! Oil rules and will for at least another two or three centuries. We are enslaved. Drive less, stay home and enjoy eachother.
—Guest Gibbers

So Simple

The price of gas hurts my family everyday. My husband has to drive about 40 minutes to work everyday. He is also a truckdriver so no raise will be forthcoming. Wall Street is to blame for most of our problems with the price of gas as has been the price for all major commodities. We also could help the price of the barrel fall by stop exporting all the products the Middle East need to survive like grains and everyday products. Hurt them where they hurt us, in the pocketbook. When the paychecks of the middleclass does not rise to adjust with the cost of living, the United States is going to continue to fall. The wealthy is not concerned as they have their funds and businesses and can continue to live comfortably. Actors and Actresses jump on the band wagon to help other countries in need, but when have you seen them complaining about the rising price of gas or the problems facing their own country. Shame on them!
—Guest Eyes Open

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