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Readers Respond: What Should Be Done About Them?

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Drill in Alaska

Drill in Alaska, Create more jobs, Save more lives. Help America, use natural resources we have on our own land.
—Guest Annie

going back

I think we should go back to riding horses. Are travel by wagon. Simple no more gas issues.
—Guest angie

A College Term Paper

I have to do a college term paper for science and my term paper topic is Why are gas prices so high? and its written by Kimberly Amadeo. So can you help me out SOS
—Guest unknown

Will jobs be lost or gained

I think they need to do something about these high gas prices & the solution for them I Can't think I have a term paper to do.
—Guest unknown

Clear Them Out!

Usually, I spend most of my Internet time sending messages to the President and members of Congress about big oil and what it is doing to our economy. Well, we've heard it all as to what is or who is to blame. The big joke around our house has been for some time now, if oil and gas prices go up; someone has stumped his toe. We hear "cut spending" is why the government reps say they were sent to Washington, and it doesn’t make any difference whether Democrat, Republican, or TEA PARTIER. Now, it’s the markets and the hidden speculators. (Just another excuse in a long list for our government to dodge the issue.) Starting back in the late 1990's, I warned those of our government that we were headed for a bankrupt economy if federal and state laws were not passed to ward off "price gouging" and the artificial setting of market prices for oil. I went so far in 2003 to email every representative and senator, even the President. (Incidentally, Hillary Clinton returned her email and told me t
—Guest Larry Whitfield


Take it off the market. The super rich Wall Street guys won't be able to get richer and further make the poor suffer. But, that's capitalism for you.
—Guest Tillman

OIL Plentiful

Our supply is largest in 18 years. Not supply-demand Speculators . Middle East Oil--only Saudi is important to us. Our imports from Canada-Mexico,Saudi,Venezuela Remainer ok but no essential. Libya we get 1/2 of 1% of our imports from them We are suckered into protecting world Big Oil companies. They do drilling for Asia and Europe. We suckers. When a plentiful supply and rise in price we are victims of Speculators. Same Rich-Ultra Rich gave us Housing and Financial Disasters. Turn Rich loose. Let em Gamble with our Future. How far ahead is that cliff???
—Guest clarence swinney

Need more than oil

If we don't find other fuels to use that don't take from our food source (corn) soon we will be in real trouble economically as a nation. There is only so much oil on our planet and once it's gone we are screwed. At the rate the entire world is using it our children will be around to see what troubles it is going to have on us as a nation. What will we do when our food can no longer be driven to us from across our great nation or flown in from another country? I think it's time to invest in getting off oil before we fail as a nation.
—Guest Joe

Oil Has Been a Transportation Monopoly

Economist Kimberly states the root cause of the problem in her article. "What Happens If Gas Reaches $5 a Gallon?" http://useconomy.about.com/b/2011/03/02/what-happens-if-gas-reaches-5-a-gallon.htm?nl=1 "Gas prices have less to do with supply and demand, and more to do with commodities traders." Oil prices seem independent of the law of supply and demand because oil has effectively been a monopoly as a transportation energy source for decades. There has been no real competition or alternative to oil. Until alternative energy sources provide real competition for oil, energy traders will continue to slap down the invisible hand of the market, and bid up the price regardless of demand.
—Guest Jim Kappler

Gas Prices

I think the media over-reacts to rising gas prices but I guess it sells newspapers or TV advertising. A rise of $.50 only equates to about $30 a month for most people. No need to panic. I agree that we should drill more wells or even restart the offshore wells we already have, but even if we do that, OPEC still has price controls they can put in place. C
—Guest Chuck Manson


Why dont we just start drilling like we should have been for the past 40 years?!
—Guest tony

Demand A Domestic Energy Policy

DEMAND A US ENERGY POLICY THAT USES DOMESTIC COAL, NATURAL GAS AND OIL: http://www.contactingthecongress.org/ America has 200 – 300 years worth of natural gas. Cars and trucks can easily be converted to burn natural gas and it would cost considerably less per mile than gasoline. America is the Saudi Arabia of coal with 1/4th of the deposits on the planet. Germany fought WWII with gasoline made from coal. It is proven technology developed in 1917. Hypocrisy: Exporting US coal to China does not reduce hot house gas emissions but it does raise the price electricity produced by coal fired generating plants in America. Instead of competing with growing economies in China and India for OPEC oil let’s keep jobs and money in America. Every billion in trade deficit equals 13,000 jobs lost. And eliminating the need to import oil means the US does not need to spend trillions on foreign wars in the Middle East.
—Guest Michael Lewis

Natural gas as a motor fuel

America is too dependent on foreign oil since we no longer produce enough oil domesticly to fuel our huge energy consumption. This fact gives foreign oil producers a stranglehold on our economy. Natural gas production in the US is ample and cost efficient to power all our vehicles is auto manufacturers would design them to run on compressed natural gas and fueling stations are included at gasoline retailers. We can stop the endless torrent of dollars flowing to OIl Sheiks who have no concern for our economy or well-being and create jobs for Americans. STOP U.S. DEPENDANCE ON FOREIGN OIL NOW!
—Guest Robert Ray

Gas Prices

Drill here! This problem can be alleviated. What is wrong with our pundits?
—Guest Bob Eggers

Open Up Strategic Reserves

The government should open up the Oil Reserves every time gas prices rise above $3 a gallon. Why wait until $4 or $5 a gallon? If the traders knew the government was keeping a lid on oil prices, then they wouldn't bid up the prices.
—Guest Cre8iveForce

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