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sick and fed up

gas companys are makeing record profits at everyones expence corp. greed
—Guest sick of the bullshit


Do you really believe what you write. Crude oil prices mid 2008 were touching 150 a barrel and gas was 2.75 a gallon now west Texas crude is less than 94 dollars a barrel and gas is 3.80 plus the highest ever.

Cant afford this

If the price continues to rise and the pay for me remains the same, I will not be able to get to work and buy food or pay my house payment, and forget doctor bills. As far as the Government is concerned HA!!!
—Guest Wallace

To Much

With all the hype about the oil and gas finds and the amounts of oil and gas being produced here in our own country. Why would you expect me to go along with this hogg wash. We are told by the US Government that we are on the verge of being energy independant and that the flow of oil and gas here has more than doubled. If we can get it out of the ground, why cant we refine it and lower the prices at the pump?
—Guest Wallace

Effects everyone who live on budget

Middle Americans have been suffering the last 3 yrs, the gas prices going up, blows on their monthly budget, other bills suffer because of gas, and if one has to drive a lot, then they are in a pickle. Gas going up puts more stress on middle america!!! And we are the ones who are working our asses off, working 2 or 3 jobs! when is America going to help the middle class? 1 way is to keep gas prices reasonable!!!
—Guest DABM

Only one

The only people not taking a hit with the rest of the world in the financial downturn are those in the oil business. They find any excuse to raise prices while profits decrease for everyone else. They would take a hit with the rest if us, but greed is a powerful thing with the oil bozos. $400 million retirement package? Who needs That much money, especially at the age of 65?
—Guest Obsever

gas prices

becuse of gas prices going up we the people can no longer support your selfs. gas prices effect food, cost of living. we the people are nomore then slaves to are federal web of life. we strongly need to change this or there will be nomore FREEDOM for eny one!
—Guest gerald white


We need to change the futures market to keep the speculators out of driving up these prices. Something needs to be done. The crude oil prices do not climb to the degree that the gasoline futures do. It is also interesting that when oil prices rise the gasoline prices rise quickly like the next day to compensate but when oil prices fall it takes several days to weeks sometimes to see gasoline prices fall. There is a lot of profit being made by someone in this process. It needs to change and soon.
—Guest tj

gas prices

funny how every election year the price of gas get very low, is it to encourage people to go out and vote and to think things are getting better, then the very next day after the election results gas prices rise like a hot balloon.
—Guest fred

speculators and refineries

Two things, easy to do would immediately drop the price. Force speculators (many are now large public sector retirement investment funds) to take delivery of the product they have on the books each week. Two, deal with the refineries having changed their internal processes and get the Retail departments out of the price fixing game. Two years ago Suncor put the Retail folks in charge of daily pricing. Since that occurred the price for retail outlets has gone up dramatically. They will push the limits again this year. Expect them to fold at 3.99 per gallon in the middle of the country, much higher out west and in the rust belt. They will then drop the price to where they think the consumer will still buy in the Summer months. Last year, that was around 3.70 per gallon wholesale in the middle of the country.
—Guest jake


i see people who are so greeded they dont care about the hardship .they are causing .when the econ.falls and it will ;and the greeded sob have got it all.and the commom man ,cant even aford to go to work ?thats if their is work. mabe the greeded basterd can dink some oil
—Guest george


Bunch of bull. As soon as something different happens to crude, gas prices immediately jump. I certainly haven't seen it wait six weeks.
—Guest fri13th@embarqmail.com


The ridiculously high gasoline prices will no only serve to enrich oil companies, but it will stall and halt any growth in the economy. People will curtail spending. The speculators need to be assessed a very high tax on their trades in hopes of curbing such harmful trades which drive up the price. Oil cos., have been closing refineries: nice ploy. Reduce supply and watch the prices skyrocket. I wish our gov.t would get into oil business and sell gasoline at the pump to consumers only.
—Guest fishfinder


The typical patetrn that I have noticed, is that when gas prices rise, politicians make a nice loud, large, splashy spectacle of dragging in the oil execs and then raking them over the coals simply for the benefit of looking as if they are actually trying to accomplish something.As you pointed out in your Fox News piece, Dr. Lott, markets drive the price, not the oil companies themselves.
—Guest dTLZwxVcuWQn

rip off

Oil should not be a traded commodity! There should be a set price and that's it. No more fake excuses we are going to run out.
—Guest pat

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