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Readers Respond: What Should Be Done About Them?

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The Solution

Gas prices could be reduced if our politicians could buck the liberal lobby. If we drilled, fracked, mined all of our possible resources we could not only solve the high gas price issue but we could take the teeth out of the Middle East. We could start converting cars over to natural gas which we have plenty of. Instead of letting the Middle East have any influence in the world we could control the supply of oil. If prices of crude were low the Middle East would wither. From their actions, they prefer to live in the dark ages, I say let them. We could just get the West out of their lands all together. Just protect Israel and let the rest rot in their own self made hell. You will see that the "Arab Spring" will be reduced to civil war and Muslim against Muslim and anarchy. That's all they know. Before you libs start attacking me, just wait and see, you will see that I'm right...it's already started.

High fuel prices

Regulation on trade that would not allow any speculation of any commodity that can cause so much economic damage to the us economy
—Guest John

Supply and demand not a factor this time

Demand of crude oil has dropped in the US. The surplus not being used by consumers is being exported to Asia that is not disgussed in this article. Not to mention the fact that is it illegal for the US to buy oil from Iran. The demand for Iranian oil is coming from Russia and China while the US is shutting down oil suppliers, not opening them.
—Guest Cheryl

Reduce Demand is Only way......?

Supply and demand controls prices. But the only way to lower the cost of gasoline is to reduce demand? How stupid do you think we are? Simple economics says that you can effect price by altering demand OR supply. But obviosuly this article is not about economics, its about politics. So the only way of reducing cost that it can mention is reducing demand..... Political correctness, being stupid on purpose.
—Guest Heather

High Gas Prices

Take oil off Wall ST Futures. It's a shame oil can be bought as a commodity which drives up the price for everyone; I believe that would make a big difference.
—Guest Gerri

high oil prices

First after prices went up in 2008, the u.s gov. should of increased exploration for oil drilling to the max,which would in the future will let us come less independent on opec,we need to do something more than just putting sanctions on Iran if gas prices continue to rise our economy will go right back to recision of 08-09. Which would be a shame since our economy is on the way back.Expect the stock market to head south if something is not done soon about the surging oil prices.
—Guest james f

Supply v. Demand is real culprit

I have read the majority of complaints and solutions on this site and have found them to be completely misinformed about energy. Oil runs everything in our modern society and is the key ingredient to our food, medicine, chemicals, transportation, and overall economy. That applies not just here in the U.S., but the entire modern world. Oil is in fact running out. This does not mean oil will forever be gone to the last drop, but will run down to a point where it is no longer financially or energetically feasible to get. Peak oil on this planet occurred in 2005 and was reported so by the IEA(international energy agency) at their conference in Brussels in 2008. For those who truly wish to know about our energy crisis you need only read or watch the works of Matthew Simmons, Richard Heinberg, Howard Kunstler, Kenneth Deffreyes, and numerous others to appreciate the depth of the problems that is before us all. All of the gentlemen are experts in the field of oil exploration.
—Guest Bob

What to do re. Corp. Donations.

1. Law to make all donors known. 2. No 'shills' - Donations must be direct. 3. Legally cap donations. OR 4. Pool all donations and all candidates get an equal share.
—Guest john coghlan

To level or lower gas prices

A great percentage of our country's leaders have followed a course of predeterminaion over the years when it comes to the well being of our nation. #1 We know when the Commodities Traders forego all logic and place future bids, supply and demand and time of year, so why don't we work around that? There are still smart people in the planning departments, right? I don't have to make any remarks about the effects of these prices on our middle class and below, still why even create that situation. These are our countrymen man! Iread the article of "why" now I am saying "what!" Lets get ahead of the game. Put a lock on the amount of future bids allowable. Do an accurate count of the demands. Use our reserves. Rebuild OUR refineries and drilling platforms to supply our own oil companies. I'm very sure hands would fly up if the call for volunteers cried out. Our futures don"t have to be devastating, we can make a difference.
—Guest Dave Haberman

Back to the Recession

Big oil needs to plump its bottom line because the NE had a mild winter and citizens are driving less. This early run-up of gas prices affects the cost of food, consumer goods, building materials, etc., will end recovery (limited though it was) and dry up jobs. Big Oil needs a Smack-Down Now! The US imports crude from Canada and Mexico, primarily, so the bedsheet revolts are NOT grounds for price increases. Greed, corruption and a complete lack of social conscience. US Big Oil makes banks look like nice guys. Look for more foreclosures, more starving kids and Far Fewer Jobs......or, DEMAND GOVERMENT INTERVENTION!

Sick and Tired

The high gas prices affects me financially. Congress need to stop being dependent on others and use our resources. I can already see a double deep recession because other prices for things like food and clothing will also rise. This is not good!!!
—Guest DD


I just went back to work after being unemployed for 7 months. All of my money is going to gas. If the gas prices keep going up, I will have to stay home instead. People who are still unemployed will remain unemployed with these high gas prices. Congress needs to act fast or face a double dip recession.
—Guest DD


Time to drill more oil and bigger oil refinery which will keep gas at 1.00! Or if not our government will kill us. crazy they do not see it. The government need to back off. We the people need to stand agents this. and keep that government in line If there's people like me in our gov we would have this crap.
—Guest Gorage Washington

I got it

Loser the trader WADGES if they made less I can almost guarantee they would prodict better useage.
—Guest d

National Oil

All oil produced in the US must only be used by the US population.
—Guest Ron

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