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Readers Respond: Do You Approve or Disapprove of How Obama Has Handled the Economy?

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Obama started his Presidency at a 60% approval rating, riding high on hopes for the future. During his first term, he accomplished a lot to boost the economy: the Economic Stimulus Plan, Dodd-Frank bank reform, unprecedented government spending and tax cuts. Despite this, his approval rating has dropped thanks to high unemployment, a sluggish housing market and a confusing health care reform package.

However, like many other second-term Presidents, he is now being judged on what he has done, and what he has failed to do. During the first six months of 2013, his approval rating hovered between 47% - 50%. This is despite an improving economy, a healthy upswing in the housing market and new records in the stock market. Recent scandals have hurt his approval ratings, but they have nothing to do with his handling of the economy. Do you think he should be judged on how he handled the economy? Do you think Obama has done a good job? Tell us why or why not. Share Your Rating


I hope that when president Obama goes to visit the Safeway corporation about he,s stimulus program today. He remembers all the Dominick,s employees that lost their jobs because of Safeway,s plans. These employees were dedicated employees for twenty or more years...when you get to the meeting tell Safeway, that Illinois says great job. The state were your heart was from, says thanks for the memories. I think president Obama should say shame on Safeway.
—Guest Unemployed

To check Mr. "Reality Check" guest

Dear Mr. "Reality Check" guest who suggested that the Republicans are the "KKK" -- Your childish comment clearly demonstrates your status as LOW INFO VOTER because it was the Democrats who actually invented the KKK as well as supported & fought to continue slavery. If it weren't for Pres. Lincoln, who was a Republican btw, the proud Black citizens of this country would still be the property of rich DEMOCRAT slave owners! Newsflash: Not one Democrat voted to end slavery. NOT ONE! Lincoln & the entire Republican Party ended slavery, not the Democrats! Southern Democrats fought in the Civil War to save "their" plantations & "their" greedy way of life -- while Republicans sent "their" sons & fathers & brothers to lay down "their" lives for the freedom of slaves. So, please get your facts straight.
—Guest MoxieLady


How do you want it? Do you want government out or in? Unemployment is not based on the president, it's based on the hiring employer. Contrary to popular believe, employers aren't hiring in opposition to Obama the man, not the president. If an employer has decided not to hire because they believe Obama is not an American in spite of proving himself... how is it his fault? No matter who you are, no matter how educated, it's hard to pull yourself up by your boot straps when you don't have boots! That transcends the color line! A helping hand is often time extended to you by those that you know. If you don't know anyone with that type of strength (extend a hand to lift you up) the odds are, you'll be with the rest of us... praying that someone will give you the opportunity to at least prove yourself.
—Guest AmarettoSweetz

Approve of Obama

I approved of the way this president has handled the economy. It will be much better if the Republicans would work with him. They have worked against this president since day one. Where is the poll regarding the Republicans? Please be fair.
—Guest e h penn

do you approv or disapprov of obama

I think President Obama has done and outstanding job. Did we forget that when he took office we were losing close to 800,000 jobs per month. I love this President, support our president
—Guest e h penn


I have been job hunting for a long time and I have been struggling to find a job for a very long time. I have been very discouraged with the sluggish job market to find a job. I dissapprove of the president's handling of the economy because this is the worst recovery since the Great Depression. I am in so much debt and I might have to be on government aid just to even have an income to pay my bills. I don't think Obama has done a good job handling the economy at all. This country's problems have increased since Obama has been president. He has doubled our national debt, we fiscal cliff and the debt ceiling has been handled poorly. He blames Bush for this economic mess rather than fix the problem and that is what makes me so much against him. In fact when he got re-elected it made me sick. Romney wasn't the best of the Republicans, but one key point that made me vote for him was that he promised to fix the economy. Obama is a horrible president and I think this country will be in a mess


I believe Obama has made a fantastic job. He and his cabinet showed the American people the dream is back on for the lower pay working force, and the Obama Care will bring that dream happened. In essence the more the republicans put down the Obama care plan, the more people are questioning why, as we know now republicans are greedy and will not give in anything that involves money. More & more people are waking to the truth and are getting involved and paying attention and reading closely and exercising autonomous thoughts, and learning about this wonderful unique individual who took the gargantuan hideous Goliat down by the horns, and will make us have a new era in the US. I wish Obama would serve indefinitely or at least 4 more years!!!
—Guest Zera Avla


I am on disability..age 58 and was on foodstamps because social security disability checks are hard to live on...now they cut back the foodstamps we are to receive..?? Are u kidding me??? while they eat their prime rib I am struggling with mac and cheese...a Robin Hood he isn't cause none of this helps me out....just hurts more!! Try helping us poor people who cant work or go to school.
—Guest Guest..poor already


President Obama, not Obama, how about some respect, has shown a class high above the average citizen. He has proposed many country first ideas, only to be opposed every step of the way by the KKK, I mean Republicans. I pray that the few decent Republicans who understand we are all for one and one for all will do the right thing and stop stealing from the poor to give to the rich. Get our Government on it's feet. Put people back to work in the 750 thousand federal jobs that have been cut. Start spending our way to recovery by getting PG & E, the oil companies and cheating corporations to pay their taxes instead of sheltering it over seas and getting millions in subsidies they neither deserve or need. Then we would have the money to pay our debt without borrowing. The military expenses are what should be cut, not the safety nets for the unemployed, disabled and poor. Open your eyes to morality and turn away from GREED. You can't take it with you, but you will be held to account.
—Guest Reality Check


The unemployment numbers are not only, not accurate, but they are deceiving. Real unemployment is about 15 percent and more people are dependent and rely on government by Obamas intentions. He has piled on massive amounts of debt which will cripple the economy long term also. And he has also hurt businesses and not been business friendly by severe over regulation and red tape. Obama demonizes success and punishes the motivation also by constantly using rhetoric that suggests success means paying more and paying your "fair share" but extra tax revenue received by this liberal administration is only redistributred and the middle and upper class are not compensated.
—Guest David


There are good and bad things about all presidents. The only time I complain is when things get worse than they already are, and I honestly cannot see how the economy has not improved since Bush. Minimum wage has gone up in the state I live in, I and my friends have all had a much easier time finding jobs, and somehow it seems our bills have become less expensive. I don't necessarily "love" everything Obama has done, and I think there's still much room for improvement, but overall life has become easier for the middle class. Not to mention that our alternative was Romney x.x Sorry to any of you who supported him, but there's no way Obama did worse than Romney would have. I'm not Democrat or Republican, so my choice wasn't for either party... My choice was basically "Not Romney."
—Guest Ranulf S.

To Guest Debbie

Dear Debbie: I am a cracker. I have worked with and been supervised by many "people of color" and I have had no problem with that. To me, they are just people, same as anybody else. I also had many black friends at work who I ate lunch with everyday. Your claim that white people wont take orders from blacks is totally in your head. I respect greatly many blacks including Dr. Ben Carson, former Rep, Allen West, Herman Cain, just to name a few. You've probably never heard of any of them because they are intelligent, they know what is going on, and they speak the truth. The recent re-election of a do nothing president in which 90% of the voting blacks voted for him shows who the true racists are. You would rather have a man of color in charge, even though there is no denial, he is destroying this country. Because of this, I have lost a lot of the respect that I had for blacks. And by the way, Obama is a tool, a puppet for the real people in charge: old, extremely rich White men
—Guest WOWsa

i approve

I'm tired of people saying the only reason obama is in office is because he's black. Well hell yeah thats true but the only reason there was never a black president before him is because they were black
—Guest Unbiast

stimulus vs sequester

amount in stimulus package to improve the economy is estimated to be $831 billion: amount of the sequestration program to reduce spending $85 billion. If the stimulus package had such little affect on the economy why does the Obama administration think that the seqestration proposal will have such a big influence. No wonder those of us who think on their own come to the conclusion that this president is in way over his head.


Payroll taxes went up for me...... And all I heard him talk about was helping the middle class. We need bill Clinton back
—Guest Keifus

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