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Readers Respond: Do You Approve or Disapprove of How Obama Has Handled the Economy?

Responses: 37


Obama started his Presidency at a 60% approval rating, riding high on hopes for the future. During his first term, he accomplished a lot to boost the economy: the Economic Stimulus Plan, Dodd-Frank bank reform, unprecedented government spending and tax cuts. Despite this, his approval rating has dropped thanks to high unemployment, a sluggish housing market and a confusing health care reform package.

However, like many other second-term Presidents, he is now being judged on what he has done, and what he has failed to do. During the first six months of 2013, his approval rating hovered between 47% - 50%. This is despite an improving economy, a healthy upswing in the housing market and new records in the stock market. Recent scandals have hurt his approval ratings, but they have nothing to do with his handling of the economy.

Enough excuses for Obama

He wanted the job, campaigned for the job, and got the job. Obama was well aware of what he was getting into, and the voters who wanted to make their little contribution to history voted him in. Now, every time something turns out bad, he's blaming Congress, Bush, or the color of his skin. Mr. President, you were elected to fix what was broken, not blame who you feel broke it in the first place. Hope and Change... The Hope is what your doing right now, pacing in the Oval Office, HOPING someone can tell you how to fix it. As for the Change, that is all we have left in our pockets! Barack Obama. biggest liar in the White House...
—Guest B.C.

Career Consultant

I definitely approved how the President rose to the occasion to help the economy. It takes time to recover.
—Guest W. J. Wakefield


Mrs. RAD comment amazes me. She gives no reason but just has "that feeling" I guess. But I'm not just picking on her as several of my GOP friends say the same thing. But Bush's recession started 14 months before Obama took office and it only took Obama 5 months to get out of it. Also about 30% of households are STILL underwater with trillions of $ of equity lost BEFORE Obama arrived. It is unlikely that the economy will gather a good head of steam until we get our "houses" in order. Obama's biggest mistake was becoming President after George W. Bush and therefore taking blame for Bushie's disaster.
—Guest Markwithheart


Great piece! This is a testament to the policies and performance of President Barack Obama, during one of the most devastating economic time in Americans history. Absolutely bailing out the auto industry and the banks were the right thing to do. Absolutely the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was the right thing to do. This is why American is coming back after the financial meltdown due in part to the deregulations of the financial industry enacted under Ronald Reagan.
—Guest Valari Fauntleroy


Look at what he has accomplished. The article tells it all. The debt has increased, but look at how the nation got out of the Great Depression... when the Depression ended, the debt was at an all time high. Conditions have improved under his administration despite the fact that half of congress is working against him. Imagine what could be done if the people around him were working with him, not against him.
—Guest Ryan


given the road blocks that the other side has put into place in their egotistical attempt to get him out of office, yes i do think he is doing a more than adequate job is stearing the ecomomy
—Guest don


has no idea what hes trying to do .he needs to think of the u.s instead of the global market. fix it at home first.use our energy we have now and improve as we go .i dissaprove very much
—Guest james strickland


Obama is a great leader, a leader that gives hope to his people at a time that the economy seems to be crashing so fast. In a psychological way the hardest America has ever gone through. Decisions no matter how good must have negative effects. When crises are being resolved not everybody can be better off.
—Guest Dzelamunyuy Emmanuel


I think it was amazing what he accomplished with a congress full of people who did not care about the economy or anything else except making Oboma look bad, not one ounce of help did he get from any Republican's who were responsible for the mess we were in. What a difference it would have made if they would have cared enough about our country to work together and they didn't even try
—Guest Laverd Orgill


Concidering how deep the hole was that Dubya left and the obstructionists on the right who have done everthing possible to derail Obama I think the man has done very well
—Guest Jon Eric

Obama kept us out of a depression

Had George Bush been in office I have no doubt that we would have continued a downward spiral. The Dow is now above 12,800 and the economy is growing. I don't think this country can withstand any one of the republican candidates. I was a republican when they were progressive, forward thinking, and smart. This new crowd is scary. Obama looks like a savior in comparison. I can hardly believe it myself.
—Guest jmcmaster

Lets Find a Solution

First of all, the lack of basic grammar in these posts amazes me. Secondly, I don't understand why everyone is upset? Did you not read the article above? The stimulus plan was a success. Now maybe it doesn't seem like that since unemployment is still around 8.3% and the deficit seems to be ever-expanding, but considering where we were in 2008, this is progress. Slow, but still progress. Now its certainly not deregulation that we need. That's what got us in this mess in the first place. And a majority of our jobs are outsourced to China, merely because they lack basic labor laws and thereby can work their employees outrageous hours for about ¢.75 an hour. We can t compete with that. We must, instead, work with them. Obama is trying hard to work with Republicans and get SOMETHING done, byt they are sure making it hard. So, lets stop complaining and work towards a solution.
—Guest Caroline

Good Job

I think the plan was a success. The ones that disagree are just greedy and inconsiderate.
—Guest Tia

Tired of the Lies

With all that money went to waste. If he really wanted to spend that money to boost the economy, then he should have just cut every tax payer a check for 10 grand. 85 percent of the population would have ran out and blew it on crap and put that money back into the economy which would have sparked it. The rest of us would have used it to pay down our debt and freed up income to spend on needed houshold repairs and such. Which would have also sparked the economy by helping the small busines owners. This whole thing was a joke. Then a major portion to extend unemployment? Alowing lazy people to use it as welfair and sit on their asses. Nice
—Guest bob

Simple Math

I have learned that there are 1.8 million Fed employees with salaries ranging from $30,000 (janitors) to $400,000 (President). My hours have been cut so my employeer can afford to comply with new Fed restrictions, which has reduced my income by 2500/ea year. This has made it necessary to reduce my spending and revise my budget. i.e. among other things, I no longer keep my furnace on 72 but have lowered it to 68. Therefore, if all the Fed employees were to reduce their salaries by $1,000 per year (less than what I have had to do) we taxpayers would save $1.8 trillion / yr which happens to be our annual deficeit. It won't help the current debt, but it would keep it from getting larger (not including interest which could be delt with by eliminating czars, duplicate departments, etc.)

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