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Fiscal Policy

What is fiscal policy? It's how the President and Congress influences the economy through Federal government income and spending. Find out the ins and outs of fiscal policy since 2006.
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What Is Fiscal Policy?
The tools of fiscal policy, how they are used, and the difference between fiscal and monetary policy.

U.S. Federal Budget Breakdown
A summary of the most recently submitted U.S. Federal Budget.

Discretionary Fiscal Policy
Discretionary fiscal policy includes the discretionary budget and taxes. If Congress enacts a new law, it can also affect the mandatory budget.

Sequestration is the act of taking something away so you can't use it. In the case of Congress, it's using sequestration to force itself to overcome what has become a dysfunctional budget process.

2010 Election Results Impact on Economy
The 2010 midterm elections brought in a Republican majority to the House. Find out how this affects the economy.

What Was the Stimulus Package?
The impact of the economic stimulus package on the U.S. economy.

How Do Obama and Bush Compare on Their Economic Policies
You expect there to be big differences between President George Bush and President Barack Obama and how they implemented fiscal policy. Find out the surprising similarities between these two leaders' budgetary strategies.

Unemployment Solutions
What's the best way to stimulate the economy and create jobs? When monetary policy doesn't work, then the President and Congress argue over the best way to implement fiscal policy. What's the best solution to unemployment -- tax cuts or spending on public works, education or unemployment benefits?

Glass-Steagall Act
The Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 prevented commercial banks from using depositors' funds for risky investments like real estate, stocks and bonds. The repeal of this Act in 1999 could have led to the financial crisis of 2008.

Unemployment Benefits Extensions
The Fiscal Policy solution that's the most efficient way to reduce unemployment.

Sovereign Debt Crisis
Every sovereign debt crisis occurs because governments don't manage fiscal policy well. Instead, they allow deficits to become unmanageable debts.

ARRA Details
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in detail.

Stimulus Money for Small Businesses
The Economic Stimulus Package provided money for small businesses.

Stimulus Checks
The Obama Economic Stimulus Plan sent out $13 billion in stimulus checks in 2009. A total of $65 billion is available for individuals and small businesses for Fiscal Year 2009.

How Did You Spend Government Stimulus Check?
The Federal government mailed out $250 stimulus checks to Social Security, Veterans and Railroad Retirement beneficiaries. Did you receive a check? Did it help you? Did you spend it or save it?

Social Security Trust Fund
How the Social Security Trust Fund is used in fiscal policy.

What Is Hyperinflation?
Hyperinflation is caused by fiscal policy that's just out of control. Find out how it created hyperinflation in Germany and Zimbabwe, why it won't happen here, and what you can do to protect yourself -- just in case.

Federal government subsidies encourage some activities, like oil, farming and housing. See for yourself the extent of these subsidies, and how they impact the U.S. economy.

Fiscal Cliff
The fiscal cliff is an example of poor fiscal policy. It was created to force lawmakers to address the budget deficit. It consists of tax increases and spending cuts no one really wants.

US Fiscal Cliff 2013
The fiscal cliff could take $600 billion out of the economy in 2013 through tax hikes and spending cuts.

What Is the Minimum Wage?
The minimum wage is designed to protect workers by providing a minimum standard of living. Find out whether it works, and how it affects economic growth.

Living Wage
The living wage provides for an adequate amount of food, clothing and shelter. Since it also raises business costs, governments must balance its objectives in advocating a living wage.

President Richard M. Nixon's Economic Policies

President George W. Bush Economic Policies
The economic policies of the George W. Bush Administration.

Welfare Programs
Welfare programs are those that provide assistance to those below the poverty level.

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