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2012 Presidential Election

The economy, specifically creating jobs, was the most important issue in the 2012 Presidential Election. During the first 2012 Presidential debate on October 3, both Governor Romney and President Obama mentioned job creation repeatedly. However, there was very little specific new ideas on how to create those jobs. Perhaps that's why most analysts focused on style, since the substance was a little weak. Even though details may have been missing from the debate, the candidates HAVE given many job creation specifics throughout the campaign. Find out the how they compare on their proposals for boosting the economy back to health and creating jobs.

Obama vs Romney
Compare the facts between President Obama and Governor Romney on the important economic election issues, presented in a easy-to-use format.

2012 Presidential Debate Summary and Economic Impact
In October 2012, three debates took place between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney. Find out what was covered, and find out the real facts behind the statements.

Second 2012 Presidential Debate Summary
A summary of the second 2012 Presidential debate. In this town hall format , Obama and Romney answered voters' questions about jobs, unemployment, gas prices, taxes, Libya and bringing jobs back from China.

First 2012 Presidential Debate Summary
The first 2012 Presidential debate was on October 3, 2012. There were nine questions, three of which covered the economy. Find out the answers given by both candidates.

2012 Vice-Presidential Debate Summary
The 2012 Vice-Presidential debate was just as important as the Presidential debates.

Barack Obama
Obama's policies advocates creation of jobs through stimulus spending, elimination of tax cuts for the wealthy, and increased education. His Presidency has been controversial, including health care reform, financial regulations and the jobs act. Find out the truth about what's he's done, and whether it has helped or hurt economic growth.

Senator Joe Biden's View on the Economy
A profile of Obama running-mate Senator Joe Biden's views on the economy, and how it will affect you.

Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney's plan relies on supply-side economics as its theoretical underpinning. It worked during the Reagan Administration, but will it work today? Find out exactly what Romney promises to do the first day in office.

How to Create Jobs
What are some ways the Federal Government could create jobs?

American Jobs Act
The job creation programs of the American Jobs Act.

Simpson-Bowles Report
The Simpson-Bowles Report recommended how to reduce the deficit by lowering the tax rate, to be paid for by eliminating deductions. It also showed how to federal spending without hurting those less fortunate.

U.S. Debt by President
Whether Democrat or Republican, every President since Woodrow Wilson added to the debt -- except Bill Clinton. Find out why and how.

Do You Approve of Obama's Economic Programs
How has President Obama handled the economy? Share your approval rating.

Obama State of the Union 2012 Address
A summary of Obama's State of the Union Address, how the "Economic Blueprint" would impact the economy, and why it will be blocked by a Republican-led Congress.

2011 Obama State of the Union Address
In 2011, Obama focused his State of the Union Address on jobs. His welcome message boosted the Dow above 12,000 for the first time in three years.

2010 Tax Cuts
President Obama negotiated a tax cut deal with Republicans that increased the debt and further stimulated the economy.

2012 Republican Presidential Debate
A summary of the economic issues covered during the January 26, 2012 debate.

Ron Paul
Ron Paul advocates a reduction in defense spending, eliminating or at least auditing the Federal Reserve and smaller government.

Former Candidate Newt Gingrich
The Gingrich economic plan is similar to the "Contract With America" that launched him into the Speaker of the House role. Find out why it no longer applies to today's economy.

Former Candidate Michele Bachmann
Michele Bachmann's proposals to fix the economy.

Former Candidate Herman Cain
What businessman Herman Cain would have done to turn the economy around. A summary of the Republican Presidential candidate's 9-9-9 tax plan, and whether this and other proposals would have worked.

Former Candidate Rick Perry
A summary of Rick Perry's economic platform.

The Tea Party's Economic Policies
The Tea Party's economic policies rely on reducing the size of the government. This includes reducing taxes, spending, the debt and regulations. Find out the impact on the economy.

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