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Aggregate Supply Definition and How It Works - US Economy
Jul 18, 2014 ... When people talk about supply in the U.S. economy, they are usually referring to aggregate supply, and the typical time frame is a year.
Money Supply Definition - US Economy - About.com
Question: What Is the Money Supply, and How Does It Affect the Economy? Answer: The money supply as defined by the Federal Reserve, the nation's central ...
Supply Chain Management
Supply chain management is an important subject for global businesses and small businesses alike. It is vital for companies to achieve benefits of adopting a ...
Introduction to Supply Chain - Logistics/Supply Chain - About.com
Supply chain management can sound confusing to those unfamiliar with the concepts and terminology. These articles will help you become more familiar with  ...
Supply - Economics - About.com
Articles and resources on one of the key components of microeconomics: Supply.
Introduction to Supply - Economics - About.com
In economics, the supply of a particular good or service is simply the quantity of the item that is produced and offered for sale. Economists refer to both individual  ...
Supply Chain Software - Logistics/Supply Chain - About.com
Supply chain management software is implemented by companies to deliver the benefits of the supply chain strategies they had adopted. The articles here ...
Strategic Supply Chain Management - Logistics/Supply Chain
Strategic supply chain management decisions are made at an enterprise level that determine benefits and efficiencies of the supply chain. These articles and ...
Operational Supply Chain Management - Logistics/Supply Chain
Operational supply chain decisions are made hundreds of times each day in a company. These are the decisions that are made at business locations that affect  ...
Supply and Demand - Economics - About.com
This category goes through the basics of the supply and demand model that is widely used in economics.
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