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Stock Market Crash: Definition, Examples, Protection - US Economy
Definition: A stock market crash is whenever the stock market loses more than 10 % in a day or two. This differentiates it from a stock market correction, which is ...
Stock Market Crash of 1929 Causes Effects and Facts - US Economy
Workers flood the streets in a panic following the Black Tuesday stock market crash on Wall Street, New York City. Photo: Hulton Archives/Getty Images.
How a Stock Market Crash Could Cause a Recession - US Economy
A stock market crash can easily kick-start a recession. Since stocks are a piece of ownership in a company, the stock market reflects investors' confidence in the ...
Stock Market Crash of 1929: Overview and History
Historical Importance: The Stock Market Crash of 1929 devastated the economy and was a key factor in beginning the Great Depression. Dates: October 29 ...
Black Thursday 1929 Stock Market Crash - US Economy - About.com
Workers flood the streets in a panic following the Black Tuesday stock market crash on Wall Street, New York City. Photo: Hulton Archives/Getty Images.
What Caused Black Tuesday Stock Market Crash in 1929
Definition: Black Tuesday was the fourth day of the stock market crash of 1929. It was the worst day in the history of the New York Stock Exchange because it ...
A Stock Market Crash Brings Opportunity - Stocks - About.com
When the stock market drops hard you should be looking for stocks that hold up the ... We're not talking about a crash in the traditional sense – famous examples  ...
Stock Market History - Dow Jones Closing History - US Economy
The stock market, as measured by the Dow Jones Industrial Average, has historically ... The stock market crash may have been caused by computer trading that ...
Great Depression - 20th Century History
The Great Depression struck the United States with surprising force. It began on October 29, 1929 with the Stock Market Crash and only ended after over a ...
Stock Market Crash 2008 - US Economy - About.com
The stock market crash of 2008 included the Dow's worst point drop ever on September 20. Understand why it crashed by following the timeline of events.
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