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What Is an Economic Recession? With Examples - US Economy
Sep 4, 2014 ... An economic recession is when growth slows, usually due to a fall-off in consumer demand. As sales drop off, businesses stop expanding.
Definition of an Economic Recession: Why There's Two - US Economy
Sep 4, 2014 ... Textbook Definition: The textbook definition of a recession is when GDP growth is negative for two consecutive quarters or more. It was first ...
Definition of Recession and Depression - US Economy - About.com
This introduction to recession and depression will answer whether we are in a recession or depression now. It also defines recession and depression, and ...
Recession? Depression? What's the Difference? - Economics
If you ask 100 different economists to define the terms recession and depression, you would get at least 100 different answers. I will try to summarize both terms ...
What is a Recession? Questions and Answers
Most of us have an intuitive idea of what a recession entails - job losses, plant closures and tough times for families. But what exactly is a recession? There are a ...
How a Stock Market Crash Could Cause a Recession - US Economy
A stock market crash can easily kick-start a recession. Since stocks are a piece of ownership in a company, the stock market reflects investors' confidence in the ...
Difference between a Recession and a Depression
Recession and depression are two terms thrown around quite a bit by the media when economies turn south. The difference between the two terms is enormous ...
Could a China Slump Drag the World Into Recession? - US Economy
Mar 10, 2014 ... If they overshoot, that could also throw the country into recession. Even if they are successful, change of this magnitude is risky. Other countries ...
Recession (Economics) - Definition - About.com
A recession is defined to be a period of two quarters of negative GDP growth. Thus: a recession is a national or world event, by definition. And statistical ...
Recession Tactics Continue to Be Relevant for Nonprofits
We might not see a double dip recession, but the way ahead is cloudy at best for nonprofits. The Chronicle of Philanthropy just reported on the health of the 400 ...
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