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What Is an Economic Recession? - Definition
An economic recession is when growth slows, usually due to a fall-off in consumer demand. As sales drop off, businesses stop expanding.
Definition of an Economic Recession - US Economy - About.com
The textbook definition of a recession is when GDP growth is negative for two consecutive quarters or more. However, no one really knows where this so-called  ...
Definition of Recession and Depression - US Economy - About.com
This introduction to recession and depression will answer whether we are in a recession or depression now. It also defines recession and depression, and ...
Recession? Depression? What's the Difference? - Economics
How can I tell the difference between a recession and a depression? What is the definition of a recession? Of a depression? How can we tell when we're in a ...
What is a Recession? Questions and Answers
Answer: Most of us have an intuitive idea of what a recession entails - job losses, plant closures and tough times for families. But what exactly is a recession?
Difference between a Recession and a Depression
Recession and depression are two terms thrown around quite a bit by the media when economies turn south. The difference between the two terms is enormous ...
Recession Tactics Continue to Be Relevant for Nonprofits
A double-dip recession is not likely, but no one's feeling good about the economy right now. With unemployment still at dangerous heights and a housing market ...
Why Don't Prices Decline During A Recession?
... to increase supply. As a result, prices generally rise (or there is at least price pressure). We look at why deflation does generally not occur during a recession.
Recession 411 - Investing for Beginners - About.com
Recession is defined as a period of economic retraction when the economy gets smaller. Generally, two months of decline in the Gross Domestic Product GDP ...
Recession (Economics) - Definition - About.com
Recession Defined - A Dictionary Definition of Recession.
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