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Crude Oil Prices: Definition, Trends and History - US Economy
How crude oil prices are measured, and how prices impact you and the economy . Recent oil price trends and history.
Forecast of Crude Oil Prices - US Economy - About.com
Jan 15, 2015 ... U.S. oil prices are very volatile, but they do have a predictable seasonal swing. They usually spike in the spring, as oil futures traders anticipate ...
What Factors Determine Oil Prices? - US Economy - About.com
Oil prices are determined by commodities market trading. The 3 factors that affect them are supply, demand and reserves. How that affects traders' perceptions.
How Crude Oil Prices Affect Gas Prices - US Economy - About.com
Jan 16, 2015 ... How crude oil prices affect gas prices, and how swings in oil prices affected gas prices from 2008 to the present.
Why Oil Prices Are So High - US Economy - About.com
Traders drove oil prices to $114/barrel for October delivery when the U.S. theatened an airstrike in Syria. High oil prices aren't always based on supply and  ...
Why Are Gas Prices So High - US Economy - About.com
Jul 23, 2014 ... High prices of gasoline can also be caused by high crude oil prices. That's because oil costs account for 72% of the price of gasoline.
Why Do Oil Prices and the Canadian Dollar Move Together?
Q : I've noticed that the Canadian Dollar and Oil Prices always move together. If the price of crude oil goes down, the Canadian dollar goes down (relative to the ...
High Oil Prices Mean Higher Airfares - Air Travel - About.com
As oil prices barrel towards record highs, airlines are beginning to react with jacking up your airfares. Could this be a permanent trend, or will prices decline ...
Shale Oil: Production, Reserves, Extraction, Fracking - US Economy
Shale oil dramatically lowered oil and gas prices. Here's how it's mined, and prospects for the future.
The Reason Gas Prices Are So High - Geography - About.com
An overview of the cause of high gas prices and high oil prices in the United States and around the world, from the About.com expert Guide to Geography.
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