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Monetary Policy Definition: How It Affects the Economy - US Economy
Monetary policy manages inflation and unemployment by controlling interest rates and the supply of money and credit. It is directed by a nation's central bank.
The Fed and Monetary Policy - US Economy - About.com
How monetary policy manages to keep the U.S. economy away from inflation and recession using the Federal Reserve's tools.
Expansionary Monetary Policy: Definition, Purpose, Tools
Sep 16, 2014 ... Definition: Expansionary monetary policy is when a central bank, such as the Federal Reserve, uses its tools to stimulate the economy.
Monetary Policy and its Impact on the Economy
A look at various types of monetary policy and what effect monetary policy has on the economy.
Restrictive Monetary Policy - US Economy - About.com
Definition: Restrictive monetary policy is how the Federal Reserve slows down economic growth. It's called restrictive because the Fed restricts the money supply ...
Expansionary Monetary Policy vs. Contractionary Monetary Policy
I'm having a little trouble trying to understand expansionary monetary policies and contractionary monetary policies. Can you help explain what impact ...
Money & Monetary Policy Resources - Economics - About.com
Resources on money, the Federal Reserve, and monetary policy. Beginners should make sure to read the What is Money? page in the Economics FAQ.
The Difference Between Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy - Bonds
Investors hear frequent references to monetary policy and fiscal policy, but what do these two terms mean exactly? Understanding the difference may be more ...
Contractionary Monetary Policy - Economics - About.com
Contractionary Monetary Policy Defined - A Dictionary Definition of Contractionary Monetary Policy.
What Is Restrictive Monetary Policy? Video
Restrictive monetary policy is enacted under specific economic circumstances. This About.com video will go into greater detail explaining restrictive monetary ...
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