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Gold Price History - US Economy - About.com
The history of gold prices since the Roman Empire show that the precious metal's record-high prices in 2011 were part of an asset bubble.
Why Invest in Gold: 3 Reasons, and What Research Says
Aug 8, 2014 ... Buy gold to hedge against a stock market crash, inflation or a declining dollar. Others buy it as a direct investment. Here's what the research ...
Gold Facts - Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements - Chemistry
Sep 24, 2014 ... Get facts on the chemical and physical properties of the element gold.
10 Gold Facts - Chemistry - About.com
Sep 22, 2014 ... Get 10 interesting facts about the element and metal gold.
Gold and Gold Jewelry - Gold Facts and Buying Advice - About.com
Pure gold is very soft and not suitable for most types of jewelry. Learn how we've overcome that obstacle and how the solution impacts the color, durability, and ...
What Was The Gold Standard? - Economics - About.com
A look at what the gold standard was and how it differs from the fiat system of money today. A comparison of fiat money and the gold standard.
Profile of Aaron Gold, About.com Cars Expert
Aaron Gold, About.com's Guide to Cars, has been an automotive journalist for a decade and a half and has been About.com's Cars Expert since 2004.
How to Buy Gold Coins - About.com
If you know how to buy gold coins you can use them to diversify your investment portfolio. This article covers the differences between buying gold bullion and ...
How Does Gold Change Colors? - Jewelry - About.com
Yellow gold, white gold, pink.. rose.. green.. how do jewelry manufacturers change the color of gold? Learn how gold alloys are used to give us multiple colors of ...
Gold Standard & Fiat Money - Economics - About.com
What was the gold standard? Are countries still on the gold standard? How is the gold standard different than fiat money? These are just a few of the questions ...
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