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Federal Reserve - Banking Tools and How They Work - US Economy
Jun 24, 2013 ... The Federal Reserve uses tools to prevent inflation and shorten recessions. In addition, the Fed created many new tools to deal with the Great ...
What Is Being Done to Control Inflation? - US Economy - About.com
Feb 20, 2014 ... What is the Federal Reserve doing to control inflation? Find out the tools the Fed uses to manage inflation and even the expectation of inflation.
Expansionary Monetary Policy - Definition and Use - US Economy
Jun 28, 2012 ... Definition: Expansionary monetary policy is when a central bank, such as the Federal Reserve, uses its tools to stimulate the economy.
Expansionary Monetary Policy vs. Contractionary Monetary Policy
When the Fed buys securities on the open market, it causes the price of those ... No matter what tool the Fed uses to expand the money supply interest rates will ...
The Federal Reserve Banking System and How It Functions
Aug 7, 2014 ... For more on how this works, see monetary policy and inflation. Fed Tools. The Federal Reserve sets the reserve requirement for the nation's ...
The Federal Reserve System - Economics - About.com
Although not used nearly as frequently as open-market operations, there are other tools that the Federal Reserve can use to change the amount of money in the ...
What Is the Federal Reserve Requirement?
Aug 9, 2014 ... The reserve requirement is the most important tool the Fed uses to control liquidity in the market. A low reserve requirement is expansionary ...
Bank Reserves and the Discount Rate - Economics - About.com
The Fed's third tool is the discount rate, or the interest rate that commercial banks pay to borrow funds from Reserve Banks. By raising or lowering the discount ...
Federal Reserve Discount Window - US Economy - About.com
The Federal Reserve can loan money to banks at the discount rate to make sure they can meet the reserve requirement when they close each night. This tool is ...
Contractionary Monetary Policy Definition - US Economy - About.com
Mar 19, 2013 ... Contractionary monetary policy is when the Federal Reserve uses the Federal funds rate and its other tools to slow economic growth. The Fed's ...
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