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What Is in the Obama Economic Stimulus Package - US Economy
What was in President Barack Obama's economic stimulus package, and how well did it succeed?
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Details
In the FY 2011 budget, an additional $64 billion in stimulus money was ... 2009; Guide to U.S. Government, Robert Longley, "Economic Stimulus Package -- How  ...
Who Received an Economic Stimulus Check
The Obama Economic Stimulus Plan sent out $13 billion in stimulus checks in 2009, part of $65 billion in tax relief.
Have You Felt the Effects of the Economic Stimulus - US Economy
Has the Economic Stimulus Plan Affected You? ... From the article: What Was Obama's Stimulus Package? The Economic Stimulus Plan spent over $60 billion in ...
Bush Economic Stimulus Package Pros and Cons - US Economy
President George Bush launched an economic stimulus package in 2008 to head off the recession. It didn't work.
The Great Recession - US Economy - About.com
By September 2008, Congress approved a $700 billion bank bailout, now known as TARP. By March 2009, Obama proposed the $787 billion economic stimulus ...
The 2009 Economic Stimulus Package -- The American Recovery ...
The 2009 economic stimulus bill - The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act - represents the largest single government spending bill in our nation's history.
Pros and Cons of Obama's Stimulus Package - Liberal Politics
President Obama's $787 billion stimulus package is a consortium of thousands of ... economic stimulus spending is doomed to fail, especially when it entails ...
Stimulus Money for Small Businesses - US Economy - About.com
The Economic Stimulus Package provided money for small businesses.
US Economic Stimulus Package Includes Billions for Energy
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009—the $787.2 billion economic stimulus package proposed by President Barack Obama and passed by ...
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