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DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE - Association of American Universities
access to the best defense systems available in the world. • Invests in new and on-going cybersecurity research and development and improvements to existing  ...
Other Common Defense Mechanisms - Psychology - About.com
Part 12 of a series describing defense mechanisms described by Anna Freud. Includes additional mechanisms discovered by other researchers.
18 Common Defense Mechanisms, Page 1 - Psychology - About.com
Sigmund Freud believed that defense mechanisms help the ego cope with anxiety. Learn more about the ten defense mechanisms described by Anna Freud as ...
What Is a Defense Mechanism? - Psychology - About.com
A defense mechanism is a strategy used by the ego to protect itself from anxiety. Examples of defense mechanisms include compensation, repression and ...
Defense Mechanisms Quiz - Psychology - About.com
Test your knowledge in this defense mechanisms quiz.
What Is a Defense Mechanism? - Psychology - About.com
Defense mechanisms help the ego cope with anxiety caused by our impulses, reality, and our ideals. Learn more about defense mechanisms.
What Is Denial? - Defense Mechanisms - Psychology - About.com
Denial is one of the best-known defense mechanisms. Learn more about how denial works to protect the ego from anxiety.
What Is Intellectualization? - Defense Mechanisms - Psychology
This defense mechanism allows us to avoid thinking about the stressful, emotional aspect of the situation and instead focus only on the intellectual component.
Repression and Suppression - Defense Mechanisms - Psychology
Repression and suppression are defense mechanisms that involve actually removing unwanted memories from conscious awareness. Page 4.
What Is Displacement? - Defense Mechanisms
Displacement is one of the defense mechanisms described by Anna Freud that involves taking out frustrations on people or objects that are less threatening.
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