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Department of Defense - US Economy - About.com
Apr 13, 2014 ... The U.S. Defense Department is the nation's largest employer and government agency. It controls more Federal dollars than any other ...
Defense Mechanisms Quiz - Psychology - About.com
Test your knowledge in this defense mechanisms quiz.
What Is Intellectualization? - Defense Mechanisms - Psychology
Intellectualization works to reduce anxiety by thinking about events in a cold, clinical way. This defense mechanism allows us to avoid thinking about the ...
Repression and Suppression - Defense Mechanisms - Psychology
Repression is another well-known defense mechanism. Repression acts to keep information out of conscious awareness. However, these memories don't just ...
What Is Displacement? - Defense Mechanisms
Displacement is one of the defense mechanisms described by Anna Freud that involves taking out frustrations on people or objects that are less threatening.
What Is Rationalization? - Defense Mechanisms - Psychology
Rationalization is one of the defense mechanisms described by Anna Freud. Learn more about this defense mechanism.
What Are Defense Mechanisms? Video
Defense mechanisms kick in when we feel threatened and vulnerable. Learn how to recognize defense mechanisms and hopefully stop using them in this ...
What Is Reaction Formation? - Defense Mechanisms - Psychology
According to Freud, they are using reaction formation as a defense mechanism to hide their ... Common Defense Mechanisms People Use to Cope with Anxiety ...
What Is Sublimation? - Defense Mechanisms
Sublimation is a defense mechanism that allows us to act out unacceptable impulses by converting these behaviors into a more acceptable form. For example, a ...
What Is Regression? - Defense Mechanisms - Psychology - About.com
Regression is one of the defense mechanisms described by Anna Freud. Learn more about this common defense mechanism.
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