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DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE - Association of American Universities
access to the best defense systems available in the world. • Invests in new and on-going cybersecurity research and development and improvements to existing  ...
Department of Defense - US Economy - About.com
Apr 13, 2014 ... The U.S. Defense Department is the nation's largest employer and government agency. It controls more Federal dollars than any other ...
US Military Budget - US Economy - About.com
$175.4 billion for defense-related agencies and functions. This includes the Veterans Administration ($65.3 billion), the State Department ($42.6 billion), ...
Other Common Defense Mechanisms - Psychology - About.com
Since Freud first described the original defense mechanisms, other researchers have continued to describe other methods of reducing anxiety. Some of these ...
What Are Defense Mechanisms? Video
Defense mechanisms kick in when we feel threatened and vulnerable. Learn how to recognize defense mechanisms and hopefully stop using them in this ...
What Is a Defense Mechanism? - Psychology - About.com
A defense mechanism is a strategy used by the ego to protect itself from anxiety. Examples of defense mechanisms include compensation, repression and ...
18 Common Defense Mechanisms, Page 1 - Psychology - About.com
Sigmund Freud believed that defense mechanisms help the ego cope with anxiety. Learn more about the ten defense mechanisms described by Anna Freud as ...
What Is a Defense Mechanism? - Psychology - About.com
Because of anxiety provoking demands created by the id, superego, and reality, the ego has developed a number of defense mechanisms to cope with anxiety.
Defense Mechanisms Quiz - Psychology - About.com
Test your knowledge in this defense mechanisms quiz.
Repression and Suppression - Defense Mechanisms - Psychology
Repression and suppression are defense mechanisms that involve actually removing unwanted memories from conscious awareness. Page 4.
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