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US Federal Government Spending - US Economy - About.com
Apr 6, 2014 ... The rest, called Discretionary spending, is negotiated between the President and Congress each year. The President's budget proposes that ...
US Federal Budget Breakdown - US Economy - About.com
Congress approved spending levels for the FY 2015 budget on December 18, 2013. The Bi-Partisan Budget Act set a cap on the Discretionary portion of the FY  ...
Current US Discretionary Federal Budget and Spending
Apr 5, 2014 ... Discretionary spending is that part of the U.S. Federal Budget that is negotiated between the President and Congress each year as part of the ...
FY 2014 US Federal Budget and Spending - US Economy - About.com
Apr 3, 2014 ... The U.S. Federal budget for FY 2014, why it was never approved, and what was actually spent instead.
Mandatory Spending: Definition, Programs and Impact - US Economy
Sep 3, 2014 ... Mandatory spending cannot be changed without an Act of Congress. It includes ... For specifics, see Current U.S. Mandatory Budget Spending.
Mandatory Spending Including Social Security and Medicare
Apr 5, 2014 ... The FY 2015 Federal Budget for mandatory spending programs. The outlook for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid programs.
US Military Budget - US Economy - About.com
(Source: Office of Management and Budget, 2015 Budget, Summary Tables, Table S-11). Military spending is greater than Medicare ($529 billion), Medicaid ...
U.S. Government Federal Budget Summary and Highlights
Understand the U.S. Federal Budgets from FY 2006 through the most current year. Highlights of each year's revenue and spending. Read explanations of ...
US Federal Budget (FY 2012) Summary - US Economy - About.com
The FY 2012 budget was disrupted by the 2011 debt ceiling crisis, and the Budget Control Act of 2011. It passed in December 2011. Find out what spent.
SUMMARy TABLES - The White House
Budget Totals in Billions of Dollars: ... Effect of Budget Proposals on Projected Deficits ..... Enacted outlay reductions and 2014 Budget spending proposals .
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